What's New


Content has been trickling in over time. Just added color pictures and articles from Soccer International magazine from late 1989.


Articles from the Port of Spain Gazette are being added. So far part of TAFA's inaugural season of 1908 and well as parts of 1907 and 1914 have been added. Look for stories from all the years in between soon.


Some articles in Spanish from La Prensa on the 1999 U-17 tournament in El Salvador.


Quite a bit of content has been added since the last update, although not in any particular category. But the big news is music has been added. Go to the audio page to listen to soca and calypso on the topic of football. Album art and lyrics will be updated later.


Coverage of Jamaica's tour of Trinidad in 1958, including three matches against All Trinidad added.


Added the Gleaner's coverage of the tour St. Mary's College made to Jamaica in December 1957.


Filled in remaining Gleaner coverage of the Jamaica tour in 1957 which coincided with the formation of the British Caribbean Football Association.

Also added stories from the Winnipeg Free Press on the Pan American Games of 1967.


A sampling of football news from the Trinidad Guardian papers of 1917-1931 has been added.


Some gaps in stories on the formation of the Caribbean Football Association in 1951 and the subsequent series of CFA All-Stars in Jamaica and Suriname in 1952 have been filled in.


Coverage of the second tour Trinidad made to Jamaica in 1947 has been completed, including the brilliant poem "Six-Nil". Also stories of the Trinidad players such as Avery John and Kelvin Jack at junior college Yavapai have been added.


Middlesex Wanderers tour of the Caribbean and the Southern Caribbean Football Championship series with Martinique in 1960 added.


Jet and Ebony magazine content has been added.


Full coverage of the tour to Jamaica and Colombia in 1935/36 primarily from Gleaner articles is now available.


Thanks to Marc Purcell we have permission to add the content from his site, Trinidad & Tobago Football Online (TTFOL). All stories from 1998 and 1999 are now available. These include Alvin Corneal's column "Free Header". The balance of the content from the early 2000's will be added in due course. Click here to browse.


An overview of changes to the website will be given here.

For now we're celebrating our launch!