World Cup 2006

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1997-10-25Find Us Funds For Fields Or We'll Meet Our WaterlooJeff PowellDaily Mail
1998-12-18Football: 2006: a costly World Cup odysseyNick HarrisIndependent
1999-02-06FIFA's Warner Gives Nigeria Green LightJamaica Gleaner
1999-07-01United Sacrifice 'In Vain'BBC
2000-04-02Beckenbauer Takes German Bid To WarnerJamaica Gleaner
2001-12-28Live Chat post with Shaun Fuentes & Brent
2002-07-16Warner wants fourJamaica Gleaner
2002-10-31Warning to WarnerPaul ReidJamaica Gleaner
2002-12-13Warner wants another placeJamaica Gleaner
2002-12-19We can be Asia, says WarnerJamaica Gleaner
2002-12-19South America media ridicule FIFA World Cup decisionJamaica Gleaner
2005-02-09‘Football was our life’... says skipper Clayton MorrisGregory TrujilloTrinidad Guardian
2005-10-08Panama vs TrinidadReuters
2005-10-08Panama vs Trinidad
2005-11-16Message on the Occasion of Trinidad & Tobago’s Qualification for the FIFA World Cup 2006 in GermanyRoger
2005-12-05Football Package
2005-12-05About Simpaul
2005-12-05Terms and
2006-01-10Boynes: $55 Million TTFF Budget Needs Minor
2006-01-14Football Package
2006-01-14Terms and
2006-02-28Trinidad & Tobago vs
2006-02-28T&T vs Iceland ticket
2006-06-03Czech Republic v. Trinidad & Tobago ProgramCMFS
2006-06-05FC St. Pauli vs Trinidad & TobagoMike