World Cup 1990

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1989-11-19Hasley Crawford StadiumSoccer International
1989-05-13Clayton MorrisSoccer International
1989-11-19Paul CaligiuriSoccer International
1989-11-19Final WhistleSoccer International
1989-11-19Last LaughSoccer International
1989-11-19Discipline EvaporatesSoccer International
1989-11-19US Team CelebratesSoccer International
1989-12A Gift Of The Soccer GodsGrahame L. JonesSoccer International
1989-11-23U.S. qualified for '90 World CupMichael LewisSoccer Week
1989-11-27A Way Was FoundClive GammonSports Illustrated
1989-11-19U.S. facing must-win in World Cup soccer qualifierThe Capital
2001Chapter 13: The World CupValentino SinghThe Story of Football in Trinidad and Tobago
1989-11-22Trinidad investigates ticket problemsThe Telegraph
1997Trinidad & Tobago National Football TeamMarlon MorrisTrinidad & Tobago National Football Team
1989-09-03Strike Squad coachTrinidad Guardian
2005-02-09‘They can’t stop talking ‘bout us’ - coach Everald CummingsGregory TrujilloTrinidad Guardian
1989-11-19T&T captainNoel SaldenhaTrinidad Guardian
2005-02-09‘Football was our life’... says skipper Clayton MorrisGregory TrujilloTrinidad Guardian
1989-11-18The mouse prepares to attack the elephantDavid LaceyUK Guardian
1989-11-20Calypso stunned into silence as college boys stop the carnivalDavid LaceyUK Guardian
1989-11-19Philbert JonesGeorge TiedemannUK Guardian
1989-11-19Football crazy on carnival isleDonald TrelfordUK Observer