Jamaica Take Shell/Umbro

Marc Purcell
Date Published: 

Jamaica are the 1998 Shell/Umbro cup champions. They clinched there second ever championship with a 2-1 win over Trinidad and Tobago in Port of Spain on Friday night.

John named MVP

Despite loosing in the finals T&T walked away with some silverware on Saturday night. Stern John walked away with the tournament MVP trophy and drove away in a brand new car. Clayton Ince won best goalkeeper of the tournament. The T&T team also won the Fair play award.

Trinidad and Tobago will be well represented in a Caribbean All-Star team that will tour Korea, Japan and Hong Kong later this year.

The All Star Squad:
Goalkeepers - Clayton Ince(TT) Aaron Lawrence(Jam) Elvis Anthony(Ant/Bar)

Defenders - Ian Goodison, Onandi Lowe (Jam) Ansil Elcock (TT) Judes Vaton (Mart) Garfield Gonsalves (Ant/Bar)

Midfielders - Anthony Rougier, David Nakhid, Sherwyn Julian, Clint Marcelle (TT) Theodore Whitmore, Ricardo Gardner, Dean Sewell(Jam) John Tittle(Ant/Bar)

Strikers - Irasto Knights, Stern John (TT) Derrick Edwards(Ant/Bar) Robert Menelas(Haiti)

Nixon scores in Zurich tie.

After a difficult season last year Jerren Nixon is back and stronger than ever. Nixon scored in the 62nd minute to salvage a tie for FC Zurich in there encounter with Xamax on Saturday. FC Zurich is struggling early this season. The tie gives them there first point of the season after dropping the previous three games to FC Bassel (2-1), Servette FC (1-0) and the opening game of the season to FC Luzern (3-2).

FC Zurich had a god push near the end of last season which made them qualify for the opening rounds of the UEFA cup. They are scheduled to meet Schachtor Donets'k of the Ukraine on August 13th at home and then travel to Kiev two weeks later for the return leg. It is funny that it seems that all T&T players in Europe have to travel through the Ukraine to get to European cup glory.

And then there were three....

Dwight Yorke is the most wanted man in England. You wont find his picture on the "U.K's most wanted," if there is such a television show. He is being hotly pursued by Alex Ferguson and Manchester United. However, things have cooled in the last 48 hours for Yorke's transfer to Man U.

First United cannot use Yorke in the opening rounds of the European Champion's League since he was not transferred to the club by the August 1st deadline. Secondly, John Gregory Aston Villa's manager has asked for £8 million and Andy Cole to replace Yorke in order for the deal to go through. Alex Ferguson is said to have offered Andy Cole and £3 million. Says Gregory: "If Dwight was to go to Manchester United we would need to have an immediate replacement. It is going to be extremely difficult to try and replace someone like Dwight anyway.'' On Sunday, Ferguson has reportedly slapped a £16 million on Cole effectively killing any deal with Villa.

Now comes news from the tabloid News of the World, stating that Tottenham Hotspurs and Blackburn Rovers have both come up with £16million bids for the Tobago born player. The newspaper also claims that Aston Villa have lined up Brazilian and former Middlesborough star Juninho as a replacement for Yorke. Juninho currently in Spain with Athletico Madrid has expressed a desire to go back to England.