Another Trinidad Soccer Tour Would Be Unpopular

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Jamaica Football Association have not yet been notified of any intention on the part of the Trinidad Amateur Football Association of inviting us "down" some time this year as was reported in a contemporary last week.

Secretary Harry Walker of the JFA told me that he had been in recent communication with the TAFA, but nothing of the sort had been mentioned in the letters of Mr. C. R. James, his Trinidad counterpart.

Nothing, too has yet been forthcoming from Haiti in respect to our sending a team to the Republic for their Exposition in December.

The Trinidad season is now in full swing, and there is no definite understanding that Jamaica or Trinidad will visit either. Still Mr. James, when he was here last May told me that that visit was merely an impromptu affair, as he felt that Jamaica owed his colony an invitation in repayment of our visit there in November 1947.

However I do not think a Trinidad return visit here would be popular right now. Public taste is always varying and I know it would prefer to digest the fare of another country right now. Having beaten Trinidad here last May, I think the return of our team to the fields of Port-of-Spain and San Fernando would be more popular, as we are keen on repeating there what we only recently accomplished at homes.


Incidentally Mr. James will soon be leaving for England to fulfil a scholarship given, I think, jointly by the Trinidad government and the TAFA to study the English methods of football club secretaryship, training players and general organising.

He will be in England for most of the English football season, which is booked to start this month.

I think Trinidad still has behind the back of her head the formation of the West Indies Football Board, and now that Commander Charles Hayward is back again at the head of the colony's football, I know he will not rest until the Board becomes a fait accompli, as it is indeed his brain child.