Sports Pot Pourri

Jack Anderson
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

HUGH MYERS, former Jamaican footballer, now resident in Trinidad, is no kid. But he has been so active in both football and cricket in the sister colony, that he will have the distinction of leading a Trinidad team representing one of the colony's leading minor football competitions, to Martinique next month.

Myers was elected captain of the American Bay Rum Football League team for the French colony, and two of Trinidad's leading players to accompany the team are: "Putty" Lewis, outside-right who visited here in 1947, and Phil Doughlin, inside-forward, who played against us in the Triangular Tournament that same year.

Of course, Myers plays in goal these days—the position in which he helped Jamaica to regain some of her prestige in the last match against Trinidad at San Fernando in November '47 when we lost only 1-0.

Always bubbling over with energy and possessing an innate love for sports particularly football, Myers in the middle of his career suffered an injury to his right knee that would have caused 99 out of 100 to forget that he even ever played football. But Myers was the 100th for he was to represent Jamaica both in Haiti in 1938 and in Trinidad, and now many years after he will soon be off on tour for Trinidad.

This effervescent Jamaican is indeed a fine all-rounder, as he was more than an average Senior Cup cricketer for Kensington. This year he led his club Allum Ingots, of which he is also President, to the championship of the Le Hunt-McDonald Thomas Cup, a leading minor cricket competition in the sister colony.

The final provided exciting cricket, His opponents scored 241 at one time standing at 237 for 7, but Myers took the last 3 wickets for 2 runs. At the close on the second Saturday Allum Ingots stood at 165 for 6, Myers being unable to bat owing to illness. However, he led the onslaught the third and final week with a quick 25 and his team lost only 2 more wickets winning the match.

It is fitting that he should finish up the season winner of the prize as best all-rounder.