Sports Pot Pourri

Jack Anderson
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Hayward Again Heads TAFA

Commander Charles Hayward, known as the "Grand Old Man of Trinidad sport", has been re-elected President of the Trinidad Football Association after one year's absence. A friend of Jamaica's football he is the proud donor of the Hayward Shield to be competed for by Jamaica against Overseas teams. We have successfully defended it twice—against Haiti last year, and happily against Trinidad last month.

Commander Hayward mooted the idea of a West Indian Football Board, which is very likely to become a fact although his local opposite Mr. daCosta, is not entirely enamoured with it. Both the W. I. Cricket Board of Control and the lately formed W. I. Lawn Tennis Board have been doing good work in building up mutual ideas; why can't the WIFC?

Centre-forward Ken Galt, member of the 1947 team here, has been named Vice-President, and Mr. W. "Sonny" Brown, who managed the last team here, returned as second Vice-President.

Of course, dapper Eric James is again Secretary, Treasurer —and on the motion of Commander Hayward was voted an honorarium of 1,750 dollars. There was some opposition to the proposal—probably because the opposers thought it was too much money! Reason no doubt becing that the TAFA lost 950 dollars on the Haitian visit last November after the Republican team had played here.

Another Trinidadian known in Jamaica to head a football board in the sister colony is Ken Laughlin, who visited here with the Trinidad cricket team in 1946 as a Press correspondent.

He is the new President of the Northern Amateur Football League, which will be the first to open the 1949 Trinidad season—July 9. Incidentally, the NAFL has banned a club and the 11 players involved until 1953!