Trinidad Says "Thanks" For Soccer Welcome

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Trinidad Amateur Football Association records their "thank you" to the Jamaica Football Association and the people of Jamaica for the wonderful welcome extended them on the occasion of their last visit here in a letter to the local body.

Addressing Mr. Harry Walker, Secretary of the JFA, Mr. Eric James, his Trinidad counterpart, and who accompanied the team here writes:

"I am directed to say thanks on behalf of my Association for the wonderful welcome afforded the team on our visit as guests of your Association. To those of us who had visited your country before it was no surprise; and to the newcomers, it filled them with joy, and they expressed a willingness to return.

"If I were to recount the very many courtesies which we have received from members of your Association, it would necessitate too long a letter. I hope, therefore, you will accept this as a genuine expression of our indebtedness to you.


"I realised your illness made it impossible for you to have been present as frequently as you wished. I hope that by how, with the strain at an end, you have once again regained your health.

"Please convey through the medium of the Press the heartfelt thanks to the people of Jamaica for the hospitality extended to us during your visit.

"Wishing your Association every success in the control of Soccer in the Island, and congratulations on winning the series".

Sporting Jamaica naturally reciprocates the expression of goodwill from the football heads of the sister Colony, and look forward keenly to our next meeting, hoping this will
be very soon.