Trinidad Footballers Will Arrive Ten Days Later Owing To The Shipping Facilities.

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Jamaica Gleaner

First Match On Christmas Eve Day: Who's Who Of Players Coming To Jamaica.
May Visit Mo. Bay.
Young Team With Many International Players Will Have Seven Engagements.

THE GLEANER has been informed that owing to shipping facilities it has been deemed necessary for a change of the date for the arrival of the Trinidad football team in the island next month. The team will arrive here on December 23, instead of on the 13th as was formerly scheduled, and will sail home for Trinidad on January 14.

The change of date of the arrival of the tourists calls for a total revision of the dates in the programme, but there will be the same seven matches with the very likelihood of an additional one thrown in. The first match will therefore be played on Christmas Eve Day, December 24, instead of on the 14th, when they will meet the Combined Schools. As a consequence, the visitors will encounter the Sherwood Foresters first in their club engagements, the fixture now being second on the schedule.

In any event, the Trinidadians will meet stiff opposition, although the present change will allow them to be well off their sea-legs and growing quite accustomed to our ground by the time they clash with Jamaica in the first colony match, the third fixture on the programme.

The revised dates of the matches are as follows:—
Dec. 24: vs Combined Schools.
Dec. 26: vs Sherwood Foresters.
Dec. 28: vs Jamaica.
Jany. 1: vs Kingston.
Jany. 4: vs Jamaica.
Jany. 8: vs St. George's Old Boys.
Jany. 11: vs Jamaica.

May Visit Montego Bay

The J.F.A. hope that there will be a possibility for a match to be played at Montego Bay in order to give the Western Parishes an opportunity of seeing the team in action on their own grounds.

The Kingston sporting public is well aware of the standard of the football in that part, a knowledge which they learnt much to their chagrin some two seasons ago when a Combined Montego Bay eleven decisively thrashed a Kingston combination, equivalent to an All-Jamaica side, at Sabina Park. So there is no doubt that the Westerners will be able to hold their own.

Such a fixture will not only serve the purpose of entertaining the Westerners, but will also give the Trinidadians an opportunity of enjoying some of the scenic beauty of Jamaica on the journey down and in Montego Bay.

If the fixture materialises Montego Bay should make the best of their opportunity in boosting up such a fixture, for they will be having the distinction of seeing an international football team playing outside of the metropolis for the first time in the history of the game in the island.

The Association will on a later date make an announcement as to such a fixture being included in the programme.

All particulars concerning the purchase of tickets for the tournament are now available and the J.F.A. directs the public to the advertisement appearing in to-day's Gleaner.

Who's Who Of Trinidad Team

Goal-keeper, F. Ambard (Shamrock F.C.): Ambard learnt his football at St. Mary's College where he distinguished himself as a fine custodian in the first eleven. Has been playing for Shamrock since 1929 and represented the colony on several occasions against Venezuelan and Surinam teams.
He is on the short side but stockily built, endowed with a safe pair of hands, fearless, and brilliant at times and has good anticipation.

Left Back, J. V. Merry (Casuals F.C.): Merry has represented the colony on several occasions, he is speedy and resourceful, has a powerful kick in either foot. Plays good positional football.

Right Back, A. Maynard (Everton F.C.): Maynard is the best right back in the colony. Has represented the island since 1931 in British Guiana and Barbados, his tackling is sound and clean, his heading is superb. Can play at both right and left back as the occasion demands, is likely to prove a great attraction with the crowd. Maynard and Alfred Charles (now playing football in England) formed the two great backs of the Everton F.C.

Right Back, D. Galt (Shamrock F.C.): Galt a promising youngster who has just left College plays right back for Shamrock and his performances for that club justified his selection to represent the colony against Surinam and British Guiana this year where he played with great success. He is also a fair goal-keeper.

Left Half, A. Wilkinson (Q. R. College), Captain of team: Mr. Wilkinson is Sportsmaster of Queen's Royal College. A fine player in any position in the half line, has a powerful kick, uses his head to fine advantage in placing shots and can almost head as accurately with his head as he kicks with his feet. His favourite position is centre half but plays left to great advantage for his side.

Centre Half, C. B. Tench (Casuals F.C.), Vice-Captain and Manager: Tench was considered the best centre half in the colony but has gone off somewhat recently owing to his playing soccer, rugger and tennis in one and the same season (last year). An untiring, indefatigable player, never knows what it is to be beaten, keeps his forwards well fed, and half line in position, initiates moves which more often than not result in goal scoring by his forwards. Can also play at back if required.

Right Half, O. Wilkes (Sporting Club): An outstanding footballer, can play at any position in the half line, and if required can play centre forward, when playing in the half line he feeds his forwards with great accuracy, directing his passes where his attacking units are least assailed. He is good at the hook shot which he brings, off at times with amazing dexterity from difficult angles.

Reserve Half, B. Henderson (Leaseholds F.C.): Henderson plays in any position in the half, is also a good centre forward. He has been selected for his fine all-round play in the half line, a difficult man to pass, has a powerful kick in either foot and passes accurately to any of his forwards. He plays for the S.A.F. League in South Trinidad.

R. Hill (Casuals F.C.): Hill is the best inside left in the colony, but does not play regularly. He is a fine dribbler, great goal scorer and positional player. If he can catch his form and develop an understanding with his team mates it is likely that Jamaica football enthusiasts will have occasion to remember him for many a day.

Centre Forward, J. Alkins (Sporting Club): Alkins is the centre forward of the team, a player of great promise, a fine dribbler and positional player. He is also a good tactician and hard worker. Can also play in the inside positions with great advantage to his side.

Inside Right, B. Thompson (Prisons F.C.): Thompson it a good dribbler, has wonderful speed with fine bail control, represented the colony on several occasions in British Guiana and Barbados. Can play at inside left and can use both feet to great advantage.

Right Outer, H. Burnett (Notre Dame F.C.): Burnett is the right winger of the team. He has fine ball control, great speed and can cut in and score goals, He is also good at centre forward.

Left Outer, W. Payne (Naparima College): Payne is the left winger and is still at College. He has fine ball control with great speed, can cut in and score when least expected.

Reserve Forward, C. Sutherland (United British F.C.) Sutherland is a player with a good reputation for goal scoring, he has a splendid hook shot that will leave many a goal-keeper gasping when he discovers the ball in the back of the net. Can play at centre forward, inner left or on the left wing. He has been chosen for his great all-round play.

P. Jones (Q. R. College F.C.): Jones is another youngster of good promise, he is still at College and can play at inner right or on the right wing.