Drew Last Match Of Haitian Tour

Joclyn McCalla
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

PORT AU PRINCE, April 29—Although going all out in an effort to force a win, Trinidad was held to a scoreless draw by the Universities this afternoon. It was a scrappy game, and while not up to the standard of the Test matches, was of great interest.

The Universities were expected to lose by a big score, and the representative crowd was thrilled when they held their own during the first half, and at some times during the second actually looked for a victory. Trinidad played all of her team, with the exception of Gonsalves and Allan Joseph, as both teams as per agreement, used replacements.

In the first half, play was rather even, the schoolboys tackling well, and their forward line making some nice runs: at times Trinidad was pretty well rushed. In the second half, Trinidad brought out their big guns on the forward line, but did not intimidate the schoolboys, whose tackling and interception prevented them from settling down to their game. Trinidad forwards then went really all out, but ran up against an excellent pair of backs, who broke up their attacks and cleared well. The Universities forwards made several nice runs, but also failed to score the game ended with Trinidad pressing.


Trinidad has a good pair of backs in Dopson and Parsons; both clear and kick well, but Parsons when pressed, is apt to miskick. The mainstay of the team is Allan Joseph. at centre-half, and Charleau at right half, both have good positional play, and feed their forward line well. The best forward is Hines, he is not spectacular, has very good control, and generally makes the moves that starts the forward line going. Espinal, the centre forward, is dangerous and very quick on the ball, and with his speed is apt to beat the backs on the long passes up centre. Carr on the right wing is good, and has a nice shot, Burnett is a hard worker and Monroe on the left wing is fair.

Taking all five matches together, Trinidad's team is competent but, not brilliant. Their first match was rather poor, their second was their best—good football was witnessed—third and fourth matches were nearly as good as their second, and their last was only fair. If they are allowed to settle down to their game, they are competent, but if rushed and tackled as in the fourth and last games their standard deteriorates.