Fourth Jamaica—Trinidad Football Tourney Opens Today

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Jamaica Gleaner

Visitors Arrived Saturday From Haiti, Island's Team

JAMAICA AND TRINIDAD meet on the football field for the eleventh time in history this afternoon, to mark the first match of the fourth tournament to be played between these two leading "rival" Colonies of the British Caribbean.

The third Trinidad team, to visit Jamaica since 1935 arrived from Haiti, where they drew a 3-Test series, by plane on Saturday, and to-day will open the third tournament to be played between the two countries in Jamaica. They will only play three matches—all Tests, the second to be played on Wednesday, and the third on Saturday.

Following is the personnel of the current Trinidad team: Joey Gonsalves (Captain and goalkeeper), Rannie Merritt (goal), Syl Dobson (back), Noel Winn (left half), and Rex Burnett (inside left), who visited Jamaica in 1947. The others are Gerry Parsons (aged 26, back), Dudley Husbands (31, back), Bernard Garcia (19, left-half), Allan Josephs (29, centre-half), Julian Bolden (25, right-half), Delbert Charleau (24, right-half), Paul Carr (25, outside-right), Carlton "Squeakie" Hinds (24, inside-right), Edgar Espinal (24, centre-forward), Horace Lovelace (23, outside-left), Robert Hamel-Smith (19, inside-right), Leon Munroe (25, centre-forward and outside-left).


Manager is Mr. W. "Sonny"' Brown, who is First Vice President of the Trinidad Amateur Football Association, and is really regarded as the "father" of Trinidad football to-day. Also accompanying the side is Mr. E. R. James, the suave, always immaculately dressed, Secretary of the T.A.F.A., who was here with the 1947 team.

Josephs, who will succeed Prior Jones at centre-half and is captain of his home club, Maple, has the distinction of being the only member of the side who has played for Trinidad both at cricket and football. Incidentally, Gonsalves always been a member of the Queen's Park "B" Team, in Bonanza Cup, and has been a consistant scorer this season in particular, besides being always invited to take part in trials for cricket tournaments.


Jamaica and Trinidad first met here on Saturday, December 1935, when we were beaten after being up 2-nil at half time and we lost the two following Tests 1-nil and 2-1, respectively.

After eleven years, the series was resumed, and ended in a tie, Trinidad winning the last match 6-nil to draw the "rubber"; and when we sent a team to take part in the triangular tournament in Port-of- Spain in December the same year we lost 6-nil and 1-nil.

In to-day's match, His Excellency the Governor Sir John Huggins will be guest of honour, and the teams will be introduced to him before the start, which will be at 4.30 p.m.

The Jamaica Military Band under Major 'Bobby' Jones will be in attendance.

The referee will be Johnny Groves and the linesman Frank Romney and Bunny Barber.

Jamaica has selected the best available team and hope that this side will be the first to win a rubber against the Trinidadians, who took it easy yesterday but for light practice in the morning but have a "kick" at Sabina Park this morning.


A fitting welcome to the visitors was given by the Jamaica Football Association at a dinner at Mimosa Private Hotel, Half Way Tree Road, where they are staying, on Saturday night last.

Mr. G. M. daCosta, President of the J.F.A., extended a cordial welcome to the visitors, to which Mr. Sonny Brown, Manager and 1st Vice President of the Trinidad Amateur Football Association, replied.

In both speeches the cordial relationships which have existed between Trinidad and Jamaica particularly in the field of sports was commented on, and the utmost confidence was expressed that the high traditions of sportsmanship which have always prevailed will be maintained in the present games.

Those who attended the dinner were, Messrs. E. R. James, Secretary of the T.A.F.A., A. D. Soutar, 1st Vice President of the J.F.A., Paul Chevannes, Chairman of the Selection Committee, V. A. Sasso and Johnny Groves, Selectors, Winston Meeks, (members of the J.F.A. Council), C. A. Jack Anderson, and Frank Romney (referee), members of the Trinidad team headed by Joey Gonsalves; members of the Jamaica Team headed by Franz Alexander, the Captain.

After the toast to the King was proposed and honoured, Mr. G. M. daCosta, Chairman, extended a welcome to Mr. Brown, Mr. James, and the other visitors from Trinidad.


Those who had not been there before, Mr. daCosta said, would learn to appreciate that their welcome was a little more than lip service, and they would feel they were really very welcome there and would enjoy themselves socially. He considered their neighbours from other parts of the West Indies as future citizens because he believed that one of the reasons for federation was that all of them who were born in the West Indies, should have a
common citizenship.

Whether or not they agreed with Federation, he thoroughly agreed in it as far as sport was concerned. He had discovered, except on one great occasion, that those gentlemen who came to this country to indulge in football were very good sportsmen. That exception he wished to say publicly was the Cuban side, on which occasion he had to go on on the field to quell a disturbance.

Mr. daCosta sympathised with certain difficulties experienced in a neighbouring republic by the Trinidad team, especially with regard to referees, and claimed that in Jamaica they had some excellent referees. As an earnest of their honesty they proposed to use three of their best referees for the matches, so that there would be no incident of any sort as far as Jamaica was concerned, and he was sure that Trinidad's young captain would see that there was no incident as far as his players are concerned.

He spoke of the courtesy which Mr. James had always shown him on his visits to Trinidad. He went on to say, however, that Jamaica would never forget the serious defeat which was inflicted on her when last he was here and when last Jamaica went to Trinidad. He hoped that Mr. James would be a sorry man when he left Jamaica (laughter). He did not wish to see any debacle, such as they witnessed on the last occasion.


Replying, Mr. Sonny Brown, Manager and 1st Vice President of the T.A.F.A., expressed his appreciation and the appreciation of the members of his team for the complimentary remarks addressed to them by the President. They had come to Jamaica to play a series of
Test games. The fact that they were here so soon after their last side was here was proof positive of the fact, that those members who were here with the Trinidad side were so satisfied with the hospitality and sporting manner in which the games were played, and so glowing were the tributes and messages they brought back to them that they felt that at the first available opportunity they should all be happy and pleased to be back once again in Jamaica. That wish had been fulfilled by their arrival here.

On behalf of the Trinidad team he could assure Jamaica that they would not measure their success by the question of the victories won on the tour. It had never been a policy of his to measure success of any tour on the number of victories achieved and matches lost, but by the number of good friends which they left in the countries they visited.

He could assure them that the Trinidad team would play soccer to the highest standard of sportsmanship. That the referee and judges would give them satisfaction he had no doubt. If when the time came for them to leave and the people of Jamaica felt they would like to see more of them and were sorry to see them go he would be sure that the tour had been a success whether or not Trinidad or Jamaica had won.

He proposed the toast to the Jamaica Football Association and the Jamaica team, which was drunk.

Mr. A. D. Soutar, 1st Vice President of the Jamaica Football Association, then extended their appreciation to the hostess for the excellent repast provided for the evening and the other arrangements made. He also thanked the Press for the publicity which they had always given to the Association.

Mr. Jack Anderson (Linesman) replied on behalf of the Press.

Jamaica's Team

R. D. Cooper (Kingston)
K. Hamilton (Kingston)
G. A. Prescod (Lucas)
H. Walters (Printers)
F. A. Alexander (Kingston, Captain)
K. Largie (St. George's O.B.)
Alvin McLean (Lucas)
H. Miller (Kingston)
C. S. McMorris (St George's O.B.)
L. Alcock (Montego Bay)
V. Coy (Kensington)

The Trinidad team for today will be selected this morning.