Trinidad Footballers Expect To Have Little Trouble Beating Jamaica

Joclyn McCalla
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, April 20:

The Trinidad football team disappointed the football public here with an indifferent display in their first match against Port au Prince, April 17 which they lost three goals to two. They showed a lack of ball control, no accuracy in passing, and frequently misskicked. Only inability of the Haitian forwards to shoot, prevented the score from being lopsided. The game was below club football standard, and has robbed the series of interest, as it is evident that the team, on the showing of the Trinidad side, will have no trouble winning.

The Port au Prince team included only three players who have played in representative matches. Sonny Brown, the manager of the team, is sure that his boys will do better in the next matches, and has pointed out to me that of the team that beat the Haitians in Trinidad, only four played in this game. They were handicapped by the size of the ground which is the maximum, by the dust and also by playing forty five minutes halves.


With a complete reversal of form, as from that of Sunday's game, Trinidad held the Haitian National team to a draw in their second game to date played on Wednesday of this week. In fact, according to the majority of the public, they won the game, as a goal scored by them in the last five minutes of play, and given offside was extremely doubtful. On the run of play Trinidad was slightly superior; they were the more aggressive, their half line made more opportunities for their forwards. A very hard game and very sportingly played.

On the opening, exchanges were even; but it was seen that the game was not going to be a walk-over for the Haitians, as the game on Sunday led them to expect.

Twenty minutes after the opening, Zamor opened the score for Haiti with a shoulder high shot in the corner of the net, after a melee in the goal area. Trinidad equalized shortly after, when Espinal, the centre-forward, received a long pass well outside the goal area, succeeded in passing the backs and beating Mews with a nice shot, placed in the opposite corner.

The score ended at half time one all.

One the resumption play was fairly even, and, on a shot which Gonzalves, Trinidad keeper, failed to hold [illegible], the ball was [illegible] in the net, putting Haiti up two goals to one. Trinidad increased her pressure and Haiti, who was suffering from the loss of Dorceans their left half injured in the first half [illegible]

magnificently in front of the goal for [illegible] in beating Mews completely. Trinidad kept on the pressure and scored a lovely goal just five minutes before the end, which was given offside and the game ended in a draw of two goals all.


The [illegible] deep and long passes to the [illegible] forwards, was the feature of play for both sides; but the Trinidad half line was able to send their forwards away more often, their centre-half, Joseph, being always in position, and dominating the game on the half line. Their defense was adequate, Dopson being brilliant in tackling and clearing, while his partner, Parsons, miss-kicked somewhat. Their forward line was fast and clever work was seen between the inside forwards, Espinal at centre forward and Burnett at inside left being brilliant. The outside forwards were always adequate.

Haiti was handicapped for two-thirds of the game by the loss of Dorceans, causing Roc Pierre to fall back on the half line. Haiti lacked the services of Alerte, their best player, who was crocked in the recent tournament against a Cuban professional team, and of Martin, who has not recovered from injuries received in Trinidad. But their main handicap is lack of a capable centre half, to keep their forwards supplied with the ball, as Tassy has to play well back to feed the forward line. Tassy was not up to his usual standard, but both Joseph and Zamor played well.


Both Sonny Brown and James, the manager and secretary of the Trinidad Team are confident that their boys will improve in each match, and will be at their peak when they arrive in Jamaica. If they do win the series here or even draw them, then they do not expect much trouble in disposing of the Jamaica Team. The next match will be played on Sunday the 24th, and the third Test on the Tuesday following; then their last match on Friday against the University.

The teams for Wednesday's game were as follows:

Goal: Gonzalves.
Backs: G. Parsons, S. Dopson
Halves: D. Charleau, A. Joseph, N. Winn.
Forwards: P. Carr, S. Hines, E. Espinal, R. Burnett, L. Munroe.

Goal: Mews.
Backs: Dieudonne, Mathurin.
Halves: King, Bonaventure, Dorceans.
Forwards: Marc Elie, Josephs, Zamor, Tassy, Roc Pierre