What's The Score

G. St. C. Scotter
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

New Comers

The announcement of the personnel of the Trinidad footer team that will try conclusions with us next month, will cause a certain amount of head scratching among the local cognoscenti, for with eleven new men out of seventeen on a side, it is difficult to estimate how strong they may be.

However, knowing Trinidad and her football ability as well as we do by now, it is fairly sage to assume that those who have been left out have been replaced by as good men or better, and consequently to expect a stronger side than the last one, particularly as they have the experience of the Haitian tour behind them by the time they come here.

Men whom we have seen previously include trusty centre-half, and skipper, Jose Gonzeles, sterling full back, Sid Dopson, Burnett, Winn, Husbands.