Players Keep Up Practice Today: Trinidad's Team

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Jamaica Gleaner

Football Tour

Second afternoon of training and practice for the visit of the Trinidad football team to Jamaica in the first week of May, continues at Up-Park-Camp today, with Coach Arthur MacKenzie at the controls.

Only Lester Alcock of twenty-three invitees was not present at the first session on Monday afternoon. But this was expected as the man with the "twinking feet" is still resident in Montego Bay.

Otherwise even President Granville daCosta of the Jamaica Football Association was there to lend a hand or a boot! Next practice day is Monday.

As already reported the Trinidad team, the personnel of which was published in Tuesday's "Gleaner" will leave for Port-au-Prince on April 15. It will play five matches, and then leave for Kingston on April 30. Three matches—all Tests—will be played here in a sojourn of a week.


Following is the Port-au-Prince programme:

April 17 — vs Selection de Port-au-Prince
" 20 — vs Racing Club Hatienne
" 24 — First Test
" 26 — Second Test
" 29 — Third Test

Jamaica's three matches will probably be played on May 2, 4, and 7—that it, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Five and not six Jamaica old friends, will be on the Trinidad team, as D. Husbands, who will pair with Dopson at back, did not come here in 1947. G. Parsons is the third back. A. Josephs is the successor to Prior Jones and Ian Seales at centre-half.

Garcia and Bolden are half-backs; Hammel-Smith inside-right, H. Lovelace succeeds Lio Lynch (whose dropping is a surprise), at outside-left; Hinds is the brains of the forward line. Espinal succeeds Ken Galt as goal-getter.