What's The Score

G. St. C. Scotter
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Trinidad vs Jamaica

Jamaica is in for a couple of tough tests against Trinidad in the near future, both, her tennis and football teams being due here in April.

Arrangements are not quite finalized for the visit of the football side, but there is every likelihood it will come off, as the Trinidad team are visiting Haiti about the end of March, and will in all probability come on here afterwards.


Our Chances

As regards our chances in the football Test, they are not quite so rosy.

In the series we have played to date (the colonies have met twice in this country and once in Trinidad), Trinidad has won two of the series and one has been drawn. This latter still in Trinidad's favour as she tied the series in this country with a smashing 6-1 victory.

Jamaica football is steadily improving, but whether it is yet up to the standard of the Trinidadians remains to be seen; it is quite certain we could not beat Trinidad in their own country, but we might be able to get by here.