Hislop Joins West Ham

Marc Purcell
Date Published: 

Shaka Hislop's days at Newcastle United are over. He will join West Ham United on a free transfer. However, he may have to fight Canadian Craig Forrest for the number one spot. Hislop, the former St. Mary's College goalkeeper moved to the Hammers for £3.5 million double the value he received from Newcastle for a transfer from Reading.

Hislop's move was expected since he did not agree to a contract extension during last season with manager Kevin Daglish. When he did not sign he was immediately dropped to number two (in more ways than one).

Details of his contract were unavailable however, I am working on getting the most important detail of his contract available. Many T&T fans want to know if he will be available to play for T&T. His last contract with Newcastle stated that he was to play for England only, giving up his status as a T&T player. However, should there be a restriction placed on him, he has FIFA case law on his side. Robbie Earle's contract with Wimbleton stated that he could only play for England. However, thanks to Jack Warner and the player's committee that section of his contract was found to be in fault and he now represents Jamaica.

In the shooting range...

Jack Warner came back to his hotel room in Paris on Tuesday to discover that it had been broken into by thieves. The bandits stole US$35,000 worth of cash and jewelry belonging to Jack's wife....Prior to the World Cup a major Argentina sports magazine listed Deon Burton of Jamaica as the Ronaldo of the Caribbean. Just something to snicker about, I guess they have never seen Dwight or Jerren or Stern in action.

In the starting lineup...

In the MLS, Brian Haynes and Mickey Trotman face David Nahkid and New England.

In the A-League it will be the battle of the defenders when Shawn Boney of Connecticut takes Craig Demmin of Rochester on Thursday. Shawn then faces Staten Island on Friday and Montreal on Sunday. Craig Demmin and Rochester face Long Island on Sunday. Terry St. Louis and Toronto heads to the West Coast this weekend. The face Vancouver on Friday and Seattle on Sunday. The Trini Crew at Raleigh faces Hampton Roads on Friday. Finally, all-star Gary Glasgow and his strike partner Lester Felician will face Milwaukee.