Trinidad Defeat Blues 4-1

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Jamaica Gleaner

School champions shine in first half
McVorran, Pantin star for visitors in tour opener

Trinidad ..... 4 (Pantin 2, McVorran)
St. George's College ..... 1 (DaCosta)

TRINIDAD opened their five-match soccer series in Jamaica with a 4-1 victory over St. George's College, Jamaica schoolboy champions at Sabina Park last night. But the visitors got a scare when the Olivier Shield and Manning Cup winners held them off for the first half and opened the scoring in the second half.

The victory was a good one for Trinidad, who dominated second half-play after they had evened the score. Honours in the first half were even, as the Blues shone in mid-field play, but got less shots to goal than the Trinidadians.

Sharp-shooting John McVorran, Trinidad's centre forward, was the most outstanding front-line man for the Trinidadians. Fast on his feet and a quick shooter, he took most of the shots to goal in the first half, one requiring a full length dive from Georgian goalkeeper, Ziadie.

The schoolboys' defence forced the Trinidadians to take shots from a distance, and with Ziadie doing a good job, the half ended goalless.

Blues lead

St. George's entered the lead in the 40th minute on a goal by outside right DaCosta, whose dropshot grounder found Rawlins Baptiste out of line. The goal stung Trinidad into action, and they pressed relentlessly in search of the equaliser, which came in the 47th minute when inside left Clive Pantin placed neatly from McVorran's pass.

Sticking to the role of aggressors, the Trinidadians went ahead in the 49th minute, as McVorran headed in close to the right upright on an air-pass from Pantin.

The continuous fast pace began to tell on the schoolboys, some of whom seemed winded in the last 10 minutes. Ziadie, who had been limping from a left foot injury before the end of the first half, had to remain in goal as the responsible officials would not allow a change.

McVorran scored again in the 52nd minute. Ziadie dived, but failed to hold a ground shot, and the Trinidadian followed through into the net with left back Leighton Hugh on his heels.

Pantin collided with Ziadie in the 56th minute, and while the goalkeeper lay writhing from a head blow, retrieved the ball from the right side of the goal area and recorded his second goal.

The match was handled by referee Mortimer Geddes, assisted by linesmen St. Elmo Dillon and David Lewis.