Likely English Team Will Come Out 1929 or 1930

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Will Jamaica have a visit from an English professional or amateur team in 1929 or 1930? It is just possible.

Sometime ago a letter was received here by the Jamaica Football Association from the Secretary of the Trinidad Football Association. In that letter it was asked if Jamaica would co-operate with Trinidad and Demerara with the view of getting an English F. A. team to play in the three colonies. A member of the Trinidad association was going to England and would open the negotiations.

A reply was sent from Jamaica to the effect that they would be willing to co-operate provided that satisfactory financial arrangements, similar to those of the M. C. C. Cricket team, could be made. It was also suggested that at least five matches would have to be played in Kingston. It was also supposed that it would be an amateur side which would be coming out.

A reply was received from Trinidad to the effect that they had not thought of asking an amateur side but were counting on a professional side and that their services would be available at a reasonable figure just prior to the opening of the football season in England. It was thought that the financial arrangements should be similar to those for the M. C. C. and that each colony should contribute £100 towards the cost of the professionals.

A meeting of the Council of the Jamaica Football Association was held recently and it was decided to reply to the effect that they did not think it would be possible to get an English professional side out just prior to the start of the season at home, which was usually in the last week in August. It would take approximately three months to tour the West Indies which would mean that the team would have to leave England just at the close of the season. They would be playing in the West Indies during the summer, a thing which was hardly to be expected. It was believed that it might be possible to secure the services of an amateur side to come out before the close of the English season and play in the West Indies before the summer.

Further developments will be awaited with interest in this colony.