Intercolonial Football

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

The Trinidad Sporting-Chronicle recently published the following:—

If our Football Authorities care to look at the trend of events it would appear that unless Jamaica, Hayti, Surinam, Barbados and other Colonies be brought in immediately, Intercolonial Football is destined to have a short life. One does not like the recent attitude of Demerara in regard to a postponement of the Tournament in Trinidad and the "Sporting Chronicle" gathers from reliable sources that it would be by no means surprising if Demerara fails to keep up to her obligations this year. There is far too much bickering, prejudice etc., existing in Football in the Sister Colony at the moment for us to hope that all will be well with Intercolonial Football in the future, and the sooner an alliance be made with Jamaica, Surinam and Hayti etc., who are all keen on joining in the better. Football without the Intercolonial struggles, would certainly be non-progressing.