Our Football Combination

Little Jim
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

The Team to Represent Jamaica
Batch of Good Players
Departments of the Game Where They Shine


Sir,—I read the account of the glorious records of the Garrison team yesterday, but I am considerably in doubt as to which side will win the match tomorrow.

Let us see what the Jamaica team is worth:


J. Cullen, the centre forward for Clovelly United. Lieut. Painton will have his hands full as he had them for many a long day. Cullen passes very correctly to his wing and never loses a centre that he can possibly score off. Lieut. White will observe how hard he rushes when the goal is close at hand—as if his life depended on it. A very keen player who represented Trinidad vs British Guiana last year in a representative match. Aikman said the other day: "I would not like to have five forwards like Cullen against me." Aikman is a far-seeing fellow.