Vere Technical, St. Benedict's clash today

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Jamaica Gleaner

The fight for the Antillean trophy is on . . .

VERE TECHNICAL High School of Clarendon, one of the top schoolboy football teams in the island, put on their most ambitious venture to date, when at 4 o'clock to day they take on St. Benedict's, the champion schoolboy soccer team of Trinidad and Tobago at the National Stadium in the first of a two-match series for the Antillean Trophy.

The Trinidadians who arrived in the island on Thursday after an unbeaten three match series Puerto Rico are confident that they will keep their record clean today. Coach David Traboulay says that his team will play the 4-3-3 formation today, and after light training yesterday, selected what he termed, "the strongest team."

The man who the Trinidadians will build their hopes around is the courageous left winger Wilfred Cave — a gifted opportunist — who often times turned defeat into victory for his team.

Cave . . . Mr. GoalmakerCave . . . Mr. Goalmaker

Last season, Cave outscored such gifted players as Archibald, DeLeon, Cummings and Joseph, all of whom are now playing in the American soccer League. A hard shooter and a quick mover, Cave represented Trinidad Colleges against Jamaica and South Trinidad twice and is more than determined to make an impression on Jamaican soccer fans.

To help Cave along, is captain Lawrence Rondon a cool, constructive centre half who shows a lot of imagination in his play. Earlier this year, he proved his worth in the CONCACAF finals for Trinidad in Honduras, where he played against the host country, Mexico and Haiti. He was also a member of the successful Trinidad team against the Jamaica Juvenile team last year.

Another player who is bound to catch the eyes is right winger Dick Furlonge, who is also a Trinidad representative. He is no stranger here, and many a soccer fan will remember his quick movements on the wing.

The remainder of the team plays with good co-ordination and if inside left. 15-year-old Leo Brewster Jnr., son of a former Trinidad footballer — is not hampered by his size, he too, could give the hard tackling Vere defence, some anxious moments.

The St. Benedict's lineup for today's game is: Dave Ruben (goal), Michael Hackett (RB),Selvyn Alleyne (LB), Keith Renaud (CB), Lawrence Rondon (CH), Herbert DeLeon (RH), Dick Furlonge (OR), Selwin Bailey (IR), Leo Brewster (IL), Wilfred Cave (OL) and Herbert Lennard (CF).

Coach Derek Tomkinson, said yesterday that his team will play the new 3-3-4 formation and that fans should see the talented Allan Cole playing in one of the link positions.

Cole on his night, is a tricky player who is capable of splitting any defence. Defence man Les Brown — courageous and skillful — hard shooting outside right Arthur Ennis, a quick moving player who shoots accurately and is always on the hunt for goals, and striker Corsel Blair who also carries a strong shot are the other players that Vere will look forward to most to keep their colours high.

At the end of training yesterday Vere's coach Derek Tomkinson told this reporter that he was satisfied with the condition of his boys and as is customary, they will put on a show some of the most constructive football played by schoolboys n Jamaica, and he is confidant that at the final whistle, Vere Technical will be the victors.

Vere's team is Sammy Lawrence (goal), Geville Scott (RB), Errol Johnson (CH), Les Brown (RB), Shell Robinson (RH), John Johnson (CH), Rupert Small (IL), Bob Campbell (OL), Corsel Blair (CF), Allan Cole (IR), and Arthur Ennis (OR).

All gatemen and officials for the match are asked to report at the National Stadium at 3.30 p.m. due to the changing of the time schedule for the start of play. The match was originally planned to start at 8.00 p.m.