Clippers' Goalie Conde Gets Start

Dave Newhouse
Date Published: 
Oakland Tribune

The "shock troops" will be itchy on the bench, but the Oakland Clipper regulars may not get off the field in today's regular season home windup against the New York Generals.

Kickoff is 2 p.m. at the Oakland Coliseum.

Dr. Aleksandar Obradovic has promised that if things go the Clippers' way, he'll substitute in the second half.

Of course, the Generals are fighting for second in the Eastern Division of the National Professional Soccer League and hold a series edge on the Clippers, 2-1, so the shock troops may not get their

The only reserve who will play for sure is goalkeeper Leonel Conde, who's been in Mirko Stojanovic's shadow every second of the Clipper march to the Western Division throne.

"New York is an excellent team that could make the cup playoffs. We can not give them anything," Dr. Obradovic stressed.

The Generals have twice shut out the Clippers in New York, the last one coming a week ago, 1-0. The Clippers admitted it was their worst match of the season.

Oakland hasn't lost in its Coliseum , posting a 12-0-3 record. On the road it's 6-6-2.

New York (11-11-7) is sparked by Argentina's Luis Menotti and England's George Kirby.

Kirby joined the team in mid-season and promptly put in 10 goals in 10 matches. Menotti has been especially rough on the Clippers, getting three of the four goals scored on Oakland in Gotham, including the winning one last week.

New York coach Freddie Goodwin has additional speed in Warren Archibald and Leroy DeLeon of Trinidad.

At halftime today, Assemblywoman March Fong will read a proclamation, commending the Clippers on winning the Governor's Cup from the Los Angeles Toros and for winning the Western Division

It will also be camera day, where Clipper players will pose after the match for photo buffs who signed up beforehand with Camera Shops, Inc. Prizes will be awarded.

Starting lineups:

 Generals --    -- Clippers

  Freitag --  G -- Conde
     Alas -- RF -- Scott
   Hartle -- LF -- Gavric
     Mahy -- RH -- Davidovic
   Finken -- CH -- Cop
      Pla -- LH -- Djukic
      Ash -- OR -- Marin
  Menotti -- IR -- Guiros
    Kirby -- CF -- Saccone
   DeLeon -- IL -- Mitic
Archibald -- OL -- Lievand