Clippers Shake Up Starters For Coliseum Game Tonight

Dave Newhouse
Date Published: 
Oakland Tribune

Clippers Spice Up Punchless Attack

The Oakland Clippers have added a dash of Latin in hopes of spicing up their offensive punch for tonight's match with the New York Generals at the Oakland Coliseum.

Kick-off is set for 8 in the first night event in the brief history of the Coliseum.

Coliseum, Inc. and Clipper officials announced that the game will be played no matter how bad the weather. There are 15,000 lower deck seats under cover which can be used in case of rain.

Clipper Manager Dr. Aleksandar Obradovic, flabbergasted after the Clippers lost a 3-0 lead against Pittsburgh to salvage only a 3-3 tie Sunday, has made the following lineup changes:

Jose Zuniga of Costa Rica will start at outside right, Ademar Saccone of Uruguay at inside right and Mario Baesso of Brazil at inside left.

Dr. Obradovic's reasons for re-molding three-fifths of his attacking line, stem from "10 good shots we missed on Sunday," he declares.

"We had shots that would have been impossible not to make, but we did the impossible," he said with a wry smile.

"It was a good game, but only for the public. It's never good for a team that loses a lead of three goals."

However, it was only the first of 32 National Professional Soccer League matches, and the Clippers will be looking for win No. 1 tonight. So will the Generals.

New York dropped a 3-2 loss in Los Angeles Sunday to the Toros, after giving up two goals in the first 20 minutes.

"This New York team is very strong. They play very good soccer," Dr. Obradovic stressed.

Freddie Goodwin, coach of the Generals, said today that his team is unpatterned and relies heavily on speed.

"I've been told we're quick and fast, and if so, that's good. Soccer is a game of speed," he declared.

The Generals are young, with an average age of 24 and three 19-year-olds in the lineup.

All three are forwards — Neville Oxford, Leroy DeLeon and Warren Archibald.

They also have an 18-year-old from Haiti, Phillip Vorbe, who's one year younger than the Clippers' youngest, Roel Crawford of Costa Rica.

"I was disappointed in the Toro match. We had one goal called back for offside and gave them three goals, through defensive lapses," said Goodwin. Scoring for New York were Archibald and
Barry Mahy.

"We only began practicing in early March and have played but twice. Not enough.

"We like both the short and long game to keep the opponent guessing."

The Generals are a mixture of four Englishmen, three Jamaicans, three from Trinidad, two Hungarians, and a Dane, Haitian and Austrian.

William Quiros, one of the Clippers' insides, was kicked in the side of his calf Sunday, and is doubtful for tonight.

Probable lineups:

Sidebotton -- G -- Stojanovic
Resznecki -- RB -- Scott
Vestergaard -- CH -- Hoftvedt
Wright -- LB -- Gavric
Mahy -- RH -- Mitic
Bandie -- LH -- Cop
Oxford -- OR -- Marin
DeLeon -- IR -- Saccone
Mate -- CF -- Milosevic
Ash -- IL -- Baesso
Archibald -- OL -- Zuniga