Vital match for Cuba, Trinidad tonight

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

TRINIDAD AND Cuba will be playing their final match in the current CONCACAF championship round at the National Stadium at 8 o'clock tonight and Trinidad is desperately in need of a win to keep them in the picture for qualifying for the finals in Spanish Honduras next March.

The Cubans are still not out of the picture as a win for them would place them at four points along with Jamaica and if Jamaica lose her match against Haiti it will mean that Jamaica and Cuba will have to play-off for second place.

The Trinidadians' third match on Wednesday night brought out a new style of playing which gave the Jamaicans a very hard time, but whether this method of playing will work against the Cubans is another matter, for the Cubans themselves play a similar style.

It is very unlikely that Trinidad's team manager John Alleyne and his selection committee will chance any change in the team tonight, after they had blended so marvellously against Jamaica. There was not a lugger on the team, and the result was a very near-victory for them.

Goalkeeper Jean Mouttet, his last minute error which allowed Jamaica to equalize on Wednesday night not withstanding, kept a brilliant goal. The defencemen Tyrone DeLa Bastide, Jan Steadman, Hugh Mulzac and Selvyn Murren held the fort admirably, quick on the move and fast on the attack. There was nothing lacking in the linkmen — Sedley Joseph and Bertrand Grell — performances. Their action during their match with Jamaica demonstrated the true manner in which linkmen should serve their purpose on any team.


The Trinidadian forwards made full use of the co-operation they received from their defence and linkmen, even though they were able to convert only one goal because of Jamaica's impregnable defence. The two schoolboys Alvin Corneal and Warren Archibald worked hard and so did Leroy deLeon and Everald Cummings.

With such a fighting side Trinidad should have no fear of the Cubans, who in their match with Netherlands Antilles on Tuesday last has four injured players. These players have been treated and are pronounced fit for tonight's match.

So if there are no changes in the Cuban side, their lineup should be as follows: Brigido Ochoa who has kept goal for every match so far, should be in the goal with Jose Sanchez, Rafael Arguelles, Fernande Doreste and Amoary Noa as backs with, linkmen being Jose Hernandez and Ramon Valdes. The forward line will be made up of Felix Pozo, Jose Verdecia, Roberto Cardeso and Rene Mico.

Although Trinidad will be the favourites in tonight's match, the Cubans will be going all out for a victory, their last chance to reach the finals in Honduras.