Yorke Gets UEFA Cup Place

Marc Purcell
Date Published: 

Dwight Yorke and Aston Villa will be playing in the UEFA cup next season. That comes courtesy of Chelsea's 1-0 Cup-Winners-Cup victory over Stuttgart. Villa finished seventh in the table and won twelve of there last thirteen games of the season. They are looking good to continue there good form in late August when the season resumes. They also have an extra £3.5 million this week due to the sale of Savo Milosevic. All in all it is safe to assume that Villa will be one of the most watched teams in England next season.

Latapy set to leave Boavista

Russell Latapy has his ticket booked and may have a realtors card and a map of the Motor way system in his pocket for his trip to England next week. Latapy seems destined to leave Boavista at the end of the season. He will begin talks with three English teams in league champions Arsenal, Leeds United and Middlesboro once his season concludes this weekend. Latapy and Boavista will play Campomaiorense. Latapy is coming off a fantastic week in which he setup all of Boavista's three goals in a 3-0 win last Sunday. Failing to secure a contract in England he will look towards French clubs that have shown interest in him. The asking price for Latapy by Boavista is in the range of £7,000,000.

In the shooting range....

In Portugal, Leonson Lewis and Chaves face Acadamedic. A win by Chaves will help them stay out of relegation. Over in Switzerland, Jerren Nixon and FC Zurich face FC Luzern in a bid to secure a UEFA place. In the USA, David Nahkid and Evans Wise look to rebound from a 3-2 lost earlier in the week to DC United. Nahkid made his return to action after two weeks on the injury list. They will face Kansas City on Saturday at 7:30pm. You can hear the game by going to the MLSNET radio network at 7:30pm. Ansil Elcock and Columbus face Los Angeles at home. You can see the game courtesy KMEX in the Stadium or listen to it via the MLSNET radio network.