Saudi Arabia continued their ...

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Saudi Arabia continued their drive towards the World Cup next month with a 2-1 win over Trinidad and Tobago in Cannes.

The Trinidadians provided little more than average opposition for the Saudis who took the lead in the 16th minute when Sami al-Jabr shot home following a good build up from his midfield. Trinidad equalised three minutes later when Mrasto Knight broke through the offside trap to finish. This was the only real lapse for the offside tactics played by Saudi Arabia and the opposition were constantly caught running too far ahead.

Saudi played a good passing game throughout but were never able to create more than a few opportunities as the Trinidadians retreated further back to counter the threat. Most of the possession for Saudi came in front of the defence and they lacked the width and penetration in their passing to get behind the defence. Chances were always going to be at a premium trying to play through the middle but Saudi carved the winner out this was when Al Owairan was put through in the 79th minute to score the winner by knocking the ball past the advancing goalkeeper. Ibrahim Sowayed provided the pas for him to win the match.