Coming Intercolonial Football Tour in Ja.

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Jamaica Gleaner

Some Suggestions

From Monday's issue of the Gleaner it is seen where Trinidad has made her final selection for the coming inter-Colonial football series between a picked All-Trinidad combination and Jamaica combined. From my personal knowledge of the playing ability of a few of the selected Trinidad players, as I saw them in action during my three short tours to that colony, I am of the opinion that this selection is genuinely strong; it will take a lot to give them a licking.

But what of the Jamaican side? My candid belief is that our selectors will have a tremendous amount of trouble before selecting a first class side for the All-Jamaica contest. With the exception of just one or two players it has been manifestly proved since the opening of this season that the usual high standard of play has fallen back considerably, and as a consequence there will be a great deal of uncertainty and doubt in making a good selection.

I will not, at this moment, attempt to suggest the players who should be selected as that might be considered to a certain extent an intrusion. I must, however, make passing reference to the programme as my attention was atracted to it by an offical of the J.F.A. quite recently.

The idea of playing three All-Jamaica matches does appear to be unnecessary, except, of course, in the event of both Trinidad and Jamaica winning one each of these matches it would necessitate a third and final test. I do agree, however that because of their position both St. George's College Old Boys and Kingston should each be given a separate and individual trial against the Trinidadians.

Insomuch as I feel that to play the Foresters with the visitors would be a good attraction, I am of the opinion that to combine the Military with a local pick—say for example the three inside forwards of the All-Jamaica pick, with the two outside wing players from the Military, with the half line of local men and the backs and goalie from the Military—would be much more popular and attractive.

I see where the programme includes—and the opening match too—an All-School pick against the Trinidadians. While I feel that the intention which prompts the inclusion is of the best, there can be no doubt that this part of the programme will meet with a fair amount of disapproval, and for more than one reason. I personally am neither for nor against it but do feel that there is a fair amount of danger on the part of the youngsters, and again suppose the visitors took these schoolboys lightly and the boys defeated them. Wouldn't that affect the gates?

Lastly, I noticed that once again there will be an invasion and nothing has been done on the side of the J.F.A. to include on their programme at least one match for the benefit of our country players and fans of those country parts who might not have the opportunity of attending any of the matches in Kingston. To a certain extent this is somewhat unfair, for there can be no doubt that some of the island's finest football talent is to be found to-day on teams of the country parts. If, instead of having three All-Jamaica matches one were omitted and in its place an All-Country combined included, such would meet with a universal approval. It is by no means too late to make the necessary change or to make such an inclusion on the proposed programme of matches for the tour, and I do hope the J.F.A. will do this.

Hadden For Trinidad

From information received I am in the position to state that Hadden will play for Trinidad in the All-Jamaica matches but in the match against Kingston he will play for Kingston, his club.

The point at [illegible] is that Hadden was asked by Trinidad to play for Trinidad long before the Trinidad team had been selected. Hadden could not therefore be expected to take back his word. He had, however, wisely and very sportingly made the stipulation that should Kingston, his club, be given the opportunity of meeting the visitors he would necessarily have to play for Kingston in that match.

Under the circumstances, Trinidad's claim to Hadden in the All-Jamaica series is quite legitimate and the player's position is justified.