The old rivals meet again

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Jamaica Gleaner

Jamaica - Trinidad Festival match tonight

THE INTENSE soccer rivalry between Jamaica and Trinidad, broken by a seven-year lapse, flares anew tonight when the National teams of both countries meet at the National Stadium at 8.30 o'clock in the second match of the Independence Soccer Festival.

Since 1958, there has been no meeting between these two countries and in that period, there has been marked growth in their soccer prestige.

Both countries entered the World Cup this year, but Jamaica came out with the better record, winning their first elimination series to get through to the regional final. Trinidad never made it past the preliminaries.

Since then, there seemed to have been a gradually increasing, if subdued, clamour for Trinidad-Jamaica series to be resumed and this one-match arrangement has added a great interest to the Independence series.

The past

The last series played in Trinidad in 1958 ended in a 2-1 victory for Trinidad. They won the first two matches 1-0 and 4-0 and Jamaica took the third 1-0 on a penalty by skipper and inside left Franz Alexander. A year earlier, Trinidad had been blanked 3-0 in Jamaica. Goals from Alexander and Anthony Hill gave Jamaica 2-0 first match win, an Alexander penalty was the only goal in the second game in in the third which Jamaicans won 2-1, Alexander scored again with left winger Clovis McLean getting the other.

An interesting sidelight to tonight's game is that McLean's son Lloyd the 17-year-old Kingston College star, is a member of the Jamaica national team which was announced yesterday. The team is: Dan Clarke (goal), Herkley Vaz, Henry Largie, Winthrope Bell, Franks Brown (backs), Patrick Blair, Lloyd McLean (halves), Art Welsh, David Sanguinetti, Lascelles Dunley, Oscar Black (forwards).

This is about the youngest ever National side, but all the players, including the teen-aged McLean, Sanguinetti and Welsh were members of the World Cup squad.

The team at a glance, looks like on that will take a lot of stopping.

Trinidad in their opening match against Arsenal on Tuesday night, looked a rugged bunch with a sturdy defensive line of six-footers. They generally held up well under pressure, but Arsenal's short-passing game had them confused on many occasions and they can expect a lot of trouble when the very fast Jamaican attack gets going tonight.

Wingers Black and Welsh are a tricky pair with heavy shots, but the trouble is expected to come from the centre where Sanguinetti who has been showing great training form and the goal-hungry and ever maturing Dunkley will be carrying the artillery.

Trinidad's approach work on Tuesday night was way off beam and the reliance on long shots rather than any real attempts to penetrate the defence and get close in made the work even easier for the Arsenal defence.

It would be foolhardy to write off Trinidad's chances on that performance, for with so much more at stake tonight, they are bound to take the field a very determined bunch. But the Sookram-led attack will have their job cut out against the rugged Jamaica defence.

A tough, close match is expected with the side showing the better approach work, the likely winners.

The opening match at 7.00 will be between Kingston Technical School and Vere Technical High School of Clarendon. The battle of the Technical schools should be a spirited one with the country boys fresh from their victory over the Bermudans, slight favourites.

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THE TRINIDAD SQUAD: Trinidad's team to meet Jamaica tonight will be picked from the 17 shown above. Front row (L-R) are Alvin Corneal, Lincoln Phillips (goal), Baldwin Ferguson, Gerry Browne, and Henry Multzac. Middle row (L-R) Ken Hodge, Tyrone DeLaBastide, Everald Cummings and Ken Henry. Back row (L-R) Sedley Joseph (capt.), Jeff Gellineau, Bertrand Grelle, Clem Clarke, Vic Gamaldo, Jean Moutett, Richard Nieves and Bobby Sookram.