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Jamaica Gleaner

Independence Football Festival Stars At Stadium Tonight
KC-Cornwall In First Match

JAMAICA'S first Independence Football Festival swings into operation tonight at 8.30 when the powerful Arsenal squad face Trinidad's strongest XI in the first match of the three-game series between Jamaica, Trinidad and Arsenal at the National Stadium.

At 7.00, Kingston College and Cornwall will meet in a preliminary match.

There is no doubt that the Arsenal squad will be going all out and holding back nothing. "We will be going all out," said manager Billy Wright yesterday. "These matches are very important for they are a part of our pre-season training and we have to do well and get into top shape."

From the interest and skill that the full squad showed when they worked out for the first time at the National Stadium yesterday afternoon, they seem intent on carrying out the orders of the manager to the letter.

The sharp-shooting of stocky Joe Baker at centre forward and the brilliant defence play of the costly Ian Ure promise to be outstanding features of tonight's game. Altogether the Arsenal bunch looked a fine group of footballers.

The team for tonight is Jim Furnell (goal), Don Howe (RB), Billy McCullough (LB), Frank McLintock (RH), Ian Ure (CH), Terry Neil (LH), Alan Skirton (OR), George Eastham (IR), Joe Baker (CF), David Court (IL), George Armstrong (OL).

Manager Billy Wright has made it clear that this team is quite a good one and may very well be the one that represents the Club in the next English Football season.

Although the Trinidad side is less experienced than the Arsenal squad confidence abounds in their camp. Their team includes players who have been regular representatives of the Trinidad national team for some while now. Goalkeeper Lincoln Phillips is regarded as the top man in the country at his position and is also in the rating among the Caribbean's top goalkeepers.

Tonight could be a good time for him to prove his skill for undoubtedly he will have a lot of testing.

The team practised at the National Stadium yesterday morning and seemed to master the art of short passing and positioning. Centre forward Gerry Brown and outside right Bobby Sookram are the dangers on the frontline while in the defence right half and captain Sedley Joseph could be responsible for the breakup of quite a few Arsenal raids.

The Trinidad team is Lincoln Phillips (goal), Bertrand Grelle (RB), Baldwin Ferguson (LB), Sedley Joseph (RH), Clem Clarke (CH), Tyrone DeLaBastide (LH), Bobby Sookram (OR), Jeff Gellineau (IR), Gerry Brown (CF), Victor Gamaldo (IL), and Alvin Corneal (OL).

The Independence festival is sponsored by Frank Watson, promoted by Lig-Mona and organized by the Jaycees.

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HERE FOR THE SERIES: Trinidadian footballers and officials who arrived in the island on Sunday afternoon for the Independence Football Festival with Jamaica and Arsenal. The Trinidadians are front row (l to r) Gerry Browne, Richard Nieves, Everald Cummings, Henry Multzac and Alvin Corneal; Second row (l to r) Ken Hodge, Bertrand Grelle, Tyrone DeLaBastide and Ken Henry; Back row (l to r) Lincoln Phillips, Baldwin Ferguson, Jean Moutett, Dudley Joseph (capt.), Mr. Ken Galt (president of the Trinidad Football Association), Clem Clarke, Jeff Gellineau, Conrad Brathwaite (coach), Victor Gamaldo, Cecil Thompson of the JFA and Bobby Sookram.