Trinidadians Lose 1-2 Again

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Jamaica Gleaner

Visitors Meet KC in Return Match Tomorrow Night
Under-19 team presented with Jamaica Mutual Trophy

Jamaica Under 19s ..... 2 (Pinnock, McNab)
Trinidad All-Colleges ..... 1 (DeLeon)

THE TRINIDAD All-Colleges team bowed 1-2 for the second time at the Stadium last night, but for most of the 80 minute game the visitors were in control and were unlucky to lose.

The Trinidadians will get [illegible] meet Kingston College tomorrow night in the return.

The trophy donated by the sponsors, the Jamaica Mutual Life Assurance Society, was presented to the Jamaican team after the match by Mrs. Myers, wife of Mr. Frank Myers a director of the sponsors.

The match started at a swifter pace than the first game on Tuesday night with the visitors moving faster and with more purpose than the Under 19 squad.

The Jamaican defence was surely pressed by the fast, intelligent interchanging of the forwards from Trinidad who had the estimated 9,000 fans shouting with delight.

Goalkeeper Leslie Lucas was called on to make brilliant saves one after the other as outside left Ellis Sadaphal and inside left Everald Cummings cut huge gaps in the Jamaican defence.

But luck helped to keep the ball out of the Under 19 net as a scorching grounder hit the upright and rebounded into play with Lucas out of the goal.

The Under 19 team made use of their first clear opportunity to go ahead. Outside left Hector Pinnock hit a right foot pivot shot past goalkeeper Brendan Bain and the Jamaicans climbed into the drivers seat. Two powerhouses one from inside left Francis Delgado and the other from centre forward Trevor Harris went just outside the upright.

The fight was not out of Trinidad, however, and they were soon back in the attack, but centre halves Franklyn Morant and Winston Earle with Morant leading the way were repulsing all the attacks.

Five minutes before referee Glen Nell Dwyer signalled half time, centre forward Leroy DeLeon hit a right footer past goalkeeper Lucas to level the score. Half time was taken at


Neville Oxford who had been kept out of the game in the first half made a good run down the right wing but inside right Allie McNab was spoiling most of the plays by holding the ball too long and frequently turning back giving the Trinidad defence time to get into position.

The crowd which had been [illegible] for the Vere Technical star Allan Cole sent up a mighty roar when coach Jorge Penna called off Pinnock and sent Cole on the field.

Warren Archibald the Trinidad representative who hurt his ankle in the first game replaced outside left Sadaphal, but the change did little to help Trinidad and McNab, now at outside left, drove a right-footer from close in past Bain to make it 2-1.

Archibald left the field after five minutes and was replaced by Anthony Martin. Kenny Josephs, the inside right who scored against KC in the first game, ran through the defence on the left side and flicked a left footer past goalkeeper Esric Brown who had replaced Lucas who hopped off the field but the ball for the second time hit the upright and rebounded into play.

Cole hit a tremendous right foot volley which slammed against goalkeeper Bain and then hit the upright but the goalkeeper collected safely before any real damage was done.

Trinidad launched a furious attack in the final minutes and were in the Jamaican goal area when the end was signalled by Nell Dwyer.

The teams:

Under 19s: Leslie Lucas (goal), Dennis John (RB), Capt. Winston Earle (LB), Mickey Vernon (RH), Freddie Sutherland (CH), Franklyn Morant (LH), Neville Oxford (OR), Hector Pinnock (IR), Trevor Harris (CF), Francis Delgado (IL), Allie McNab (OR)

Trinidad: Brendan Bain (goal), Wayne Smart (RB), Jan Steadman (LB), Earl Fough (RH), Wayne Jackson (CH), Bede Wells (LH), Dick Furlonge (OR), Everald Cummings (IR), Kenney Joseph (CF), Leroy DeLeon (IL), Ellis Sadaphal (OL)