Darts Register Two Weekend Shutouts

Don Dunn
Date Published: 
Cumberland Evening Times

WASHINGTON — Coach Alan Rogers and his Kansas City Spurs of the North American Soccer League, defending champs of and leading team in the Northern Division might be wondering today if they are competing in the right sport, after the Washington Darts took care of them 2-0 Sunday at Catholic University Field. The Darts, last year the top team in a minor league organization, the American Soccer League, have stepped into the NASL and could be laughing at the rest of the league, carrying a won-lost-tied record of 10-3-3, only winning record in the circuit.

The 2-0 blanking of the other division's top outfit was the second such count of the weekend, a Saturday night trip to Dallas being won on field goals by Warren Archibald and Leroy DeLeon. The pair of shutouts lifts the total to nine for the season for the goalkeeper-coach Lincoln Phillips.

Goalies Phillips and Ramou Navarez have allowed 15 goals in 16 matches thus far, easily the leading defensive showing in the loop, while the forward line is also pacing the league with 35 goals scored.

Yesterday's scoring opened in the 60th minute on a sparkling head shot from Archibald on a high perfect from DeLeon. The header came from just inside the goal area, approximately five years if from of keeper Leonel Conde. The second score came on an own goal when center-halfback Roberto Lonardo pushed the ball back to Conde for a save in the 74th minute, with the veteran goalie missing the pass.

If Conde had an excuse for the pair of tallies, it would have been quite permissible. The net man had come out of a spectacular save off the foot of Archibald earlier in the second half with an injured hand, making his defensive moves more difficult. In addition, his defensive line put together a rather inconsistent match, allowing the Darts through for 27 shots in the contest, compared with 14 for the Spurs.

Darts fans, 3,672 of them in attendance, may have been disappointed at the low scoring match, since the home team had topped Hapoel of Israel 5-0 and the St. Louis Stars 7-1 in the last two matches at CU.

Kansas City's forwards were a bit more difficult to hold down than those of the other two teams, with Asher Welch, Clarival Oliveira, Manfred Seissler and Eli Durante providing a definite threat at all times and forcing center-half Willie Evans and Phillips to show their talents in holding KC off the scoreboard. Evans, the favorite of Darts followers, received definite assistance from halfbacks Winston Alexis and Vic Gamaldo.

At the offensive end of the field, the Darts got a sparkling day from Archibald and DeLeon, even after the pair had made the difference Saturday night at Dallas, with Gerry Browne, Billy Fraser, Frank Donlavey and Victorio Casa putting pressure on Conde and his replacement late in the match, Sandy Feher.

The defeat gave the Spurs a 5-7-4 record, still enough to hold the lead in the Northern Division over Rochester's 4-6-4 and St. Louis' 3-11-1. With their scoring, 19 goals for the year, the Spurs show an NASL point total of 60. Washington sports, with the 16 marks picked up over the weekend, 95 points, leading Atlanta and its 5-6-4 and 62 tallies and Dallas on the 5-8-3 and 57 points.

Next Sunday, the Darts will host Varzim of Portugal at Catholic University in their fourth International Cup match, beginning at 4 p.m. The NASL International Cup standings show Atlanta on top with a 1-1-1 mark and 13 points, Washington and St. Louis tied for runnerup with 1-2-0 records and 11 points.

The Darts show, however, the leading scoring mark against the foreign competition, putting seven in the nets and giving up six. Their 5-0 win over Hapoel was the top showing against the NASL's guests from out of the country.

Varzim boasts of the number one goalkeeper of Portugal, Benji, and one of that nation's outstanding shooters, Nunes Pinto. The team comes here with a reputation of playing one of the most progressive brands of soccer in Portugal.