Spotlight On Sport

G. St. C. Scotter
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

The Trinidad Team

Judging by the account of the Trinidad football side which the T.A.F.A. has chosen to play in Jamaica, which was published in our yesterday's issue, the side is just the opposite of our; Jamaica having at present a very strong forward line, but a somewhat weak defence, especially in the half back position, while the Trinidad side is extremely strong in defence, their half back line being about the best they have had for years, but not so impressive in the forward line.

Anxieties felt here regarding Hadden playing for Trinidad instead of Jamaica may I think be set at rest by the fact that Trinidad are bringing three full backs with the [illegible] Maynard, Merry, and Galt; all of whom I hear are better in the position than Hadden himself—in which case they must be pretty hot. We are all sorry that Rolf Grant is not able to make the trip as goalie, but Frank Ambard, who is keeping instead of him, is said to be a very good exponent of the gentle art of "keeping them out," so that Grant's absence does not in any way weaken the side.

Trinidad's first match here will be against the Combined Schools XI. on the Saturday after they get here; and they will play their first Test against Jamaica on the following Monday. I hear rumours that they play a decidedly vigorous type of game, but we have a highly competent Ref in Mike Hanna who is thoroughly capable of preventing vigorous play from passing over the boundary into rough play, so we need not worry unduly about that.

Several trial matches will be held shortly to settle the Jamaica side, and it is good news to football fans that admission to these games will be free, so as to enable them to save up their money to support the Association when the Trinidad men get here.