Letters to the editor

Roy L. Austin
Date Published: 
Daily Collegian

Article need rewrite

TO THE EDITOR: I wish to comment on two articles which appeared in The Daily Collegian on Oct. 10.

Earl Davis, after describing the "detestable" behavior of a group of "black guys" at a Cinema, remarked that "if ever another group of blacks came in there together the manager would immediately think the wrong kind of thoughts."

Since Davis' article implies that similar behavior by a group of white guys would not bring a similar reaction, he need to rewrite his article so that the wrong conclusions may not be drawn. The article as it stands only reinforces the prejudices of those who would take the manager's stand. The writer should be warning that when one judges people by the behavior of others who happen to be of the same race or ethnicity or national origin, his motives are questionable.

Stated simply, the article justifies racism.

The other article which was apparently written in some haste was that by Ray McAllister concerning soccer at Howard University. McAllister stated that "most of the Bisons come from Trinidad, South America and Africa. Backgrounds alone suggest that it's unlikely they're all maintaining 1.6's."

I do not know what knowledge McAllister has about these particular foreign nationals, but I would draw the opposite conclusion from my knowledge of African and West Indian students who have come to this country as well as from the educational standards that obtain in these places.

I am also surprised that the edicts of the NCAA on the age of foreign players and the 1.6 rule received no comment by McAllister. The former reeks of discrimination and does not consider the reasons a foreign student may be older than an American at the same level. Also, it's positive features escape me. The latter is held in contempt by the Ivy League.

If the breaking of these two rules is all that the NCAA can find against the Howard soccer team, they should examine carefully the advisability of retaining rules before dealing out any negative sanctions.

Roy L. Austin
assistant professor of sociology