Dwyer On CFU Executive

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Jamaica Football Federation Secretary Glen Neil Dwyer has been appointed an executive member of the Caribbean Football Union which was launched last week Saturday in Haiti.

Mr. Dwyer has under his portfolio two other posts - Chairman of the Organising Committee and Chairman of the Referees Commission.

He is also responsible for CFU's discussion on the possibility of professional football in the area which is being viewed by the Trinidad Football Federation.

Mr. Neil Dwyer told the Gleaner that the Trinidad Football Federation sees the development of football in the region through professional leagues and a meeting will be held by the TFF in Port-of-Spain with a view to getting professional football on the move.

Dwyer who will attend this meeting and will report to the Executive Committee of the CFU.

Dwyer said it was his belief that it would be a good move for the Caribbean region to begin professional football as the present stand taken by the Americas in using foreigners in the development drive for their football would cease.

He mentioned that Mr. Locksley Comrie, who was stated in a report from Cana to be a member of the executive committee of the CFU was wrong as Mr. Comrie declined the post of vice-president.