Two University Soccer Teams Defeated By Yale

Date Published: 
Harvard Crimson

Yale First Team Fails To Score Until End Of Game

The University soccer team, after holding one of the strongest Eli elevens that has played at Yale in recent years scoreless up to the last six minutes of play, went down to defeat 2 to 1.

The Crimson team scored first when W. D. Vogel '30, shot a goal, but Hersey imediately tied the count on a pass from Wylie. A minute before play ended, Hersey again scored, clinching victory.

In the Freshman game played earlier in the morning the Yale outfit also came out on the winning end of a 3 to 1 score. Henry, captain of the Yale Freshman team, accounted for all of their scores, registering in the first, second and fourth periods. D. B. Frame '32 made the lone Crimson tally.

The summaries follow:

Faude, g. -- g., Rudy
Kerness, l.f.b. -- r.f.b., Whitlaw
Stollmeyer, r.f.b. -- l.f.b., Coonley
Bland, l.h.b. -- r.h.b., Harte
W. Carter., c.h.b. -- c.h.b., Robertson, Carr
Rudd, r.h.b. -- l.h.b., Bowman, Sleath
Grover, E. Carter, l.o.f. -- r.o.f., S. Smith, B. Smith, Everett
Carrigan, l.i.f. -- r.i.f., Knowlton
Vogel, c.f. -- c.f., Wylie
Bodde, r.i.f. -- l.i.f., Hersey
Tatham, r.o.f. -- l.o.f., Ashley

Score--Yale 2; Harvard 1. Goals--Hersey, 2, Vogel. Referee--A. B. York, Time--22-minute halves.

HARVARD 1932 -- YALE 1932
Powell, g. -- g., Romaine
Des Roches, l.f.b. -- r.f.b., Lewis
Catinella, Blake, r.f.b. -- l.f.b., Laundon
Colloredo, l.h.b. -- r.h.b., G. Morris, Christon
Howe, Tewkesbury, c.h.b. -- c.h.b., Thomas
Caturani, r.h.b. -- l.h.b., Cooksley
Vincent, l.o.f. -- r.o.f., R. Morris, Race
Frame, l.i.f. -- r.i.f., Knudsen
Broadbent, c.f. -- c.f., Henry
Dorman, Wight, r.i.f. -- l.i.f., Allen
Kane, r.o.f. -- l.o.f., Freeman

Score--Yale 3: Harvard 1. Goals--Henry 3, Frame. Referee--B. W. Low. Time--15-minute halves.