Green Soccer Eleven Repels Crimson Rush

Date Published: 
Harvard Crimson

University Outfit Goes Down Before Hanover Stars-Passing Attack is Hampered by High Wind

The University soccer team went down to a 2 to 1 defeat before the powerful Dartmouth outfit in a close game on Soldiers Field yesterday. The game was played in a high wind which tended to throw off the Crimson passing attack, which had been relied upon to offset the individual brilliance of the Dartmouth players.

In the first quarter Schmitz kicked the ball from some distance in front of the Crimson goal and the wind carried it up over the goalie's head and into the Harvard cage. The play was very even for the second and third quarters, Harvard keeping the ball in Dartmouth territory the majority of the time, but the Crimson forwards were unable to score.

The summary follows:

Faude, g. -- g., Stickler
Stollmeyer, l. f. b. -- r. f. b., Starke
Des Roches, r. f. b. -- l. f. b., Rockefeller
Bland, l. h. b. -- r. h. b., King
Rudd, r. h. b. -- l. h. b., Johnstone
W. D. Carter, c. h. b. -- c. h. b., Cohen
Carrigan, o. l. -- o. r., Eagan
Tatham, l. l. -- l. r., Nickols
Kerness, c. f. -- c. f., Schmitz
Vogel, l. r. -- l. l., Griffin
Bodde, o. r. -- o. l., Woodbridge

Substitutes: Harvard-Paton for Bodde, E. C. Carter for Paton. Goals-Schmitz 2, Starke. Score-2 to 1.