Penn Finds Single Goal Enough To Win In Soccer

Date Published: 
Harvard Crimson

Score in Third Period Downs Crimson Booters in Philadelphia -- Salmon Cuts Off Potential Tallies

The University of Pennsylvania soccer team won a hard-earned victory over the Crimson booters, 1 to 0, Saturday in Philadelphia. The only score was made in the third quarter by Lazarus, outside right, who took a pass from West, dribbled down the field to the 10-yard line, and drove the ball into the net.

The teams were almost evenly matched, and at the end of the second half, the score was still tied. The playing of W. J. Salmon '30. Crimson goal tender, was an important factor in preventing the Red and Blue from scoring earlier in the game. The summary:

        Mathews, g. -- g., Salmon
 Linglebach, r.f.b. -- l.f.b., Stollmeyer
  Ruslinski, l.f.b. -- r.f.b., Clark
    Goodell, r.h.b. -- l.h.b., Carr
       West, c.h.b. -- c.h.b., Rudd
  Redington, l.h.b. -- r.h.b., Barnes
       Houghton, c. -- c., Kerness
    Lazarus, r.o.f. -- l.o.f., Driggs
   Mitchner, r.i.f. -- l.i.f., Bodde
   Bellairs, l.o.f. -- r.o.f., Haskell
    Vollmer, l.i.f. -- r.i.f., Daniellian

Score--Pennsylvania 1; Harvard 0. Goals--Lazarus. Referee Howley, Time --four 22-minute quarters.