Soccer Team Emerges Victor In Opening Tilt

Date Published: 
Harvard Crimson

Kerness, Carter, Stollmeyer Are Luminaries

The University soccer team defeated Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 3 to 1 in the opening game of the season at Soldiers Field Saturday.

Despite the evidence of the fairly even score the Harvard team clearly showed its superiority, the eleven functioning smoothly and powerfully throughout the game.

The first tally was made by Louis Kerness '29, early in the third period. W. J. Carter '31 scored the second goal on a penalty kick, while E. C. Carter '31 accounted for the third point in the middle of the fourth period.

It is difficult to pick out individual stars, but Kerness, W. J. Carter and Captain A. M. Stollmeyer '30 were especially brilliant.

Except for the second period, where Worcester staged a desperate rally, the University staged a desperate rally, the University team had things its own way. The inexperienced forward line showed unusual strength and aggressiveness, and with more practice should develop a greater skill in passing the ball. At present the team makes up in individual strength what little coordination it lacks.

The lineup was as follows:

Harvard--Goal, J. P. Faude '31; fullbacks: Stollmeyer, J. R. Bland '31; halfbacks, W. J. Carter, E. C. Tatham '31, A. S. Rudd '29; forwards, George Paton Jr. '29, E. J. Des Roches '31, Kerness, J. W. Carrigan '31, W. D. Vogel '30.
Worcester--Goal, Whittaker; fullbacks, Adams, Allen; halfbacks, Rice, Barnes, Williams; forwards, Gamlowitz, Robinson, Cotton, Berry, Tucker.
Substitutions--Harvard: Bodde for Rudd, Salmon for Faude, Booth for Bodde, E. C. Carter for Tatham.
Worcester: Simonds for Tucker.
Time--Two 30 minute periods.