Soccer Squad, 14 Strong, Leaves For West Point

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Harvard Crimson

University Booters Face Severe Test in Tomorrow's Tilt--Vogel Replaces Gierasch in Crimson Line-Up

The University soccer team will meet the West Point cadets at the Military Academy tomorrow afternoon at 2.30 o'clock. This is the first soccer encounter with the cadets in several years, and is one of the hardest games on the University schedule, according to Coach John Kershaw.

The lineup will be the same that faced Bridgewater last Saturday, except that W. D. Vogel '30 will replace R. B. Gierasch '28 at inside right. Several changes of position have been made in the University line-up since last year. Captain J. F. Carr '28, who played right halfback last year, is playing center halfback this season. A. R. Blackburn '29, who was unable to play because of injuries last year, has taken Carr's former position at right halfback. Louis Kerness '29 has been shifted from center halfback to center forward. W. D. Vogel '30, Freshman captain last year, is playing inside right instead of center forward this year. Reed Ryon '29, a new man on the team, played against Bridgewater Normal last Saturday, and will be at left halfback against West Point.

The University defence is strong, with E. F. Clark '28 and A. M. Stollmeyer '30 at the fullback positions and S. C. Henry '28 at goal.

Fourteen men will make the trip to West Point. They are: Captain J. F. Carr '28, Bernard Barnes '30, A. R. Blackburn '29, Durk Bodde '30, E. F. Clark '28, N. R. Danielian '28, L. LaT. Driggs '28, H. C. Haskell '28, S. C. Henry '28, Louis Kerness '29, A. S. Rudd '29, Reed Ryan '29, A. M. Stollmeyer '30, and W. D. Vogel '30