University Booters Oppose Strong Dartmouth Eleven

Date Published: 
Harvard Crimson

Inability to Score is Chief Problem Confronting Crimson

Salmon, Faude, g. -- g., Stickler
Stollmeyer, l.f.b. -- r.f.b., Starke
Des Roches, r.f.b. -- l.f.b., Rockefeller
Bland, l.h.b. -- r.h.b., King
Rudd, r.h.b. -- l.h.b., Johnston
W. D. Carter, c.h.b. -- c.h.b., Cohen
Carrigan, o.l. -- o.r., Eagan
Tatham, i.l. -- i.r., Nichols
Kerness, c.f. -- c.f., Schmitz
Vogel, i.r. -- i.l., Griffin
Bodde, o.r. -- o.l., Woodbridge

Substitutes--Paton, Grover, Booth. E. C. Carter.

The University soccer team is to meet the strong Dartmouth aggregation at 3 o'clock on Soldiers Field today.

The Dartmouth team is composed of individual stars while the University booters are relying upon teamwork and an excellently coordinated defense game. The chief weakness of the team to date has been inability to score accurately, and not lack of aggressiveness. Coach Kershaw has been working all week on various forward line combinations, and expects to make frequent substitutions.