Trinidad Repeats: Jamaica Beaten 6-0 On Dry Ground

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

PORT OF SPAIN, November 8: (By Cable from our correspondent):—

Trinidad handed out a severe six—nil mauling to Jamaica in the test match at Queens Park Savannah this afternoon, dwarfing the hopes of Jamaica of winning the current triangular soccer series.

Jamaica's defence did pretty well to hold down the speedy Trinidad forwards to only a two goal lead at the conclusion of the first stanza, but during the second frame the visitors' defence went stone dead and the speedy clever home forwards played rings around the defence units, chalking up another four goals.

I pitied the unenviable position of the Jamaica forwards, literally starved by own defence.

McKenzie was easily the best forward. His first-class passes and clever body shifts deserve commendation. The right half, Bayliss, was untiring, with many bright, if not spectacular moments and McLean did splendid tackling, though his passes were unaccurate.

The game was only seven minutes old when right winger Baird climaxed a rhythmic forward movement with a grounder outside Garcia's reach. Bayliss was conspicuous in breaking up two quick dangerous forward thrusts.

Jamaica attacked, Kinkead cutting in with a vicious header. Gonzales tipped over the bar for a corner kick by Hall. A nice piece of work by McKenzie followed, heading a throw in by Bayliss, he sent a lobbing shot goalwards, Gonsalves straining every nerve to collect.

Centre forward Fedo Blake scored a pacy goal midway this stage making Trinidad two up.

Kinkead caused a scrimmage in the Trinidad goal mouth with his right foot from the half-way line, but was unproductive. Parke showed surprising speed to run alongside Blake for fifteen yards to prevent the forward kicking.

Trinidad scored two goals in as many minutes right on the resumption, Blake scoring a header at point-blank range, then Lio Lynch, left winger, ran past Bayliss with a tremendous burst, hoisting the fourth goal.

At this stage the Jamaican defence was completely outclassed. Inner left Hinds shook the cross-bar with a one-timer scoring soon after receiving a hefty clearance by full back Dopson, almost running into the goal with the ball.

With the forwards on the warpath, there was no stopping them. Hinds duplicating after a lightning combination which landed all five forwards before the Jamaica goal.

Jamaica played Garcia, Willis, DaCosta, McLean, Parke, Bayliss, Kinkead, Smith, Mason, McKenzie, Hall.

Trinidad: Gonzalves, Dopson, Parsons, Charlowe, Seale, Waldron, Baird, Hinds, Blake, Douglas, Lynch.

Victor Richardson refereed. The ground was dry.