Referees Resign In Protest

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Appointments For St. Mary's Visit

FOUR REFEREES have tendered their resignations as members of the Jamaica Referees' Association, in protest against appointments by the Jamaica Football Association for matches during the St. Mary's schoolboys' tour which opens tomorrow.

Many more resignations are expected during the next few days.

These referees specifically object to the appointment of English referees David Lewis, Ernest Plume and R/S/M Gibson when there are an equal number of qualified Jamaican referees available.

In an interview yesterday, some of the referees claimed that the JFA's action is the direct result of bad relations which have been existing between the two associations.

"Two former referees, one a JFA Council member, applied for re-admission to the JRA some months ago," the referees said. "There is a rule in our constitution, which states that referees who have been inactive for a period of two years, as both these men are, should be re-examined before their applications are accepted.

"We stated at one of our meetings that this rule should be applied, and stuck to our decision despite contrary wishes.

"That decision no doubt found disfavour in certain places, and we believe has contributed to this clear case of discrimination.

"We are not prepared to shoulder the burden of refereeing matches throughout the year and then be cast aside when tours like these come about," the referees concluded, "Our association was not even consulted before the appointments were made."