Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette

YESTERDAY afternoon an interesting Association football match was played on the Queen's Park C.C. ground between a team of the Club and a team of Europeans in Trinidad. Several ladies and a large number of spectators assembled in front of the Pavilion and thoroughly enjoyed the game—so much so that an extra quarter of an hour's play was desired but as evening was fast closing in, the desire could not, it was regretted, be gratified. The game was played in two quarters. The home team played uphill in the first half. Hostilities opened in British territory and give and take play of a fast nature ensued, M. Smith making a pretty run up into clear ground—but byed the ball. The Britons returned the invasion. Littlepage saved by throwing out. The British goal-keeper was next kept on his mettle. Mr. Centeno, who did some hard and useful work, send in a beauty which grazed the post and then E. Smith repeated the dose, but Yuille fisted cleverly out. At half time no goals had been scored. The Queen's Parkites, however, had the better of the game. On crossing over the European goal-keeper was called upon three or four times in rapid succession, de Boissiere and Agostini and the Smiths doing some brilliant work. The gaol-keeper, though hesitating a little at times, was equal to the occasion. The Europeans transferred the work to the opposite end and made one or two dangerous attempts, but not before the Queen's Park had secured a somewhat easy goal, Centeno (by a pass from E. Smith) doing the needful. Shortly after this the whistle blew. Result:—

     Queen's Park ... ... One Goal
     Britons  ... ... ... Nil.

For the victors M. and E. Smith played a really scientific and judicious game. De Boissiere, Agostini, Centeno and Leotaud also played well. The goal-keeper, Wilson, Russell, Campbell, Boyd and Buchanan did good for the Britons.

Teams:—Queen's Park: Messrs. B. Littlepage, goal; Leon Centeno and C.J. Rooks, backs; D. Plummer, Dr. Dickson and M. Leotaud, half-backs; M. Smith, E.J. Smith, right wing; J.L. Agostini, centre; A. de Boissiere, C.K. Leotaud, left wing.
Britons:—Messrs. G. Yuille, goal; Gaywood and G. Kayne, backs; J. Wilson (ter), J.B. Russell, Lockhart, half-backs; T. Boyd, E. Selway, right-wing; J. Buchanan, centre; J. Campbell and W. Thompson, left-wing. Messrs. de Gannes and Laverock, umpires; Mr. A.S. Bowen, referee.