S.A.F.A. Have New 1st Class Cup This Year

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Trinidad Guardian

Trinidad Guardian Correspondent

SAN FERNANDO, June 23.— A new trophy has been donated to the Southern Amateur Football Association for competition among first division clubs, it was announced at their annual general meeting held at the Town Hall here last night. The donor is Councillor V. C. Ramseran, a former vice-president of the body, now an honorary member.

Mr. Egbert A. Durity, who held the reins of the S.A.F.A. during 1942 when they swept everything before them on the soccer field, was elected president defeating the Hon'ble Roy Joseph, the only other candidate, by a wide margin of votes. Councillor E. C. Crawford, retiring officer, did not contest the seat.

According to the secretary's report, the outstanding clubs last year were Sheffield, winners of the first league shield; Lanes, who carried off the beautiful Rahamut Cup and First Battalion, who won the much coveted B.D.V. Cup, a trophy which had lost the grasp of a Southern team for over 30 years, and Victoria, who swept all before them in the intermediate division.

"While the association lost the Hayward Inter-League Shield," the secretary reported, "the association created a record when they defeated the S.A.F.L. on their own ground, a feat which no other league has yet done."

After the election of president, Mr. Durity on being given the chair by his predecessor, Councillor Crawford, asked the members to give him the co-operation they had in 1942, and with this, he said, "you shall get what you expect of me,"

The full results of the election are as follows:

President: Mr. E. A. Durity; vice-presidents: Mr. V. A. Noel, the Hon'ble R. Joseph and Mr. I Bissessar; hon. secretary: Mr. M. Feroze-Khan; auditors; Mr. L. I. Jones and Mr. R. McD. Christian, Honorary members: Councillor E. C. Crawford, Councillor V. Ramseran and Mr. Eric Marache.