Claude Maurice to Lead Spitfire

Date Published: 
Trinidad Guardian

Trinidad Guardian Correspondent

SAN FERNANDO, June 12.—Claude Maurice, ace S.A.F.A. pivot man will lead the colourful Spitfire XI this season, Ayoub Hassanali will be vice-captain.

At their annual general meeting held at Carib Street on Friday, Spitfire elected the following officers:—

President:—Mr. A. G. deCaires; Vice-Presidents:—Mr. P. B. Creteau and Mr. H. N. S. McDavid; Hon. Secretary-Treasurer:—Mr. G. Hassanali; Hon. Asst. Secretary:—Mr. Clyde Boyce; Captain:—Mr. Claude Maurice; Vice-Captain:—Mr. A. Hassanali; Selection Committee:—Mr. G. deCaires, Mr. Maurice, Mr. H. McDavid and Mr. R. Crawford; Management Committee:—President and Secretary, together with Mr. H. McDavid, Mr. M. Billouin and Mr. C. Boyce; Hon. Auditors:—Mr. Clyde Joseph and Mr. J. Garcia; S.A.F.A. Council Representative:—Mr. G. Hassanali.