Gonzalves Outstanding Player in Football Series in Barbados

Date Published: 
Trinidad Guardian

Prior Jones, captain of the victorious soccer team that toured Barbados, returned yesterday afternoon with the revelation that Joey Gonzalves, St. Mary's College goalkeeper, was the outstanding player of the six-match tour.

Rex Burnett's shooting in the second match was very much up to standard and so was Bertie Thompson's playing throughout the tour, Jones said. Trinidad played grand football in the last match when they defeated Barbados 4-1 to win the series.

"I am proud," he went on, "to have led the Trinidad team which has been unbeaten in Barbados, but I think it has only been due to the high standard of play that I did not bring home the bacon before the third and concluding test. I thing that everyone of the 16 players helped to attain the unbeaten record of the Trinidad team."

Jones added that there was every indication that Malcolm McLean would follow in the footsteps of his father, Tom McLean.

Dr. A. G. Francis, the manager, and Mr. E. R. James, T.A.F.A. secretary, stated that the team spirit, both off and on the field, was magnificent. That was one of the things responsible for carrying off the honours of the test series, they said.

Trinidad played a grand game in the last test, they added, and deserved victory in the three-match test series.