Trinidad Win Test Series In Barbados With 4-1 Victory

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Trinidad Guardian

Trinidad turned on the heat at Kensington yesterday afternoon and gave their Barbados rivals, who had held them to a one-all draw twice previously, a 4-1 beating in the third and deciding Test match to win the three match series and finish the tour unbeaten.

Trinidad played all over their opponents, particularly in the second half when they combined beautifully, using long wing passes and actually ran the Barbados defence to a standstill.

It was the most brilliant football treat the visitors had given the Barbados public for the tour, with Bertie Thompson playing a sparkling game and Ahamad Charles, tall and sturdy Trinidad centre forward, smashing home two goals inside of a minute.

Strange about the goals were that the two scored in the first half were scored within a minute of each other, and when somewhere in the middle of the second session Trinidad forwards went goal-scoring, they did it the same—Goal, centre-off, and goall from the kick-off—and Bertie Thompson figured prominently in each of the quick goals.


Captain J. O. Cutteridge, former T.A.F.A. president, at the conclusion of the game, stated that all the players gave sterling displays, and that they combined well.

Capt. Cutteridge said that Sergeant McQueen, who refereed in England, handled the game very well, far better than the two local referees did in the two previous tests.

Aldwyn Francis, the manager, said it was one of the cleanest games he had seen, while Skipper Prior Jones had but tow words to say: "At last." The other players also spoke and it was revealed that they would return home tomorrow.

In the 28th minute of the game Charles banded in two goals and Trinidad were two up at half-time.

Right after the re-start Barbados scored and reduced the lead, but midway in the second half Trinidad took complete charge of the game from then on.

The ground was heavy as rain had fallen a good bit in the morning.

The first thing of interest in the match was a beautiful fly kick by Warner, then Trinidad attacked, Sealy centred beautifully but King just got it and pushed it over the players' heads.

From a free kick Frankie Morris kicked strongly outside and after 10 minutes Robinson shot straid and Gonsalves saved. Warner cleared well as Barbados attacked and once Willaims just shot over the bar.


Midway in the half Trinidad went on the war-path. A last-minute effort by Charles went outside then Barbados goal had a narrow escape.

Everybody missed in a scrimmage, then Charles, at point-blank range, shot onto the uprights and as the ball rebounded into play a foul relieved the situation—a very exciting moment.

Charles next tried two long shots which were wide of their mark.

Ishmael was playing very well indeed and once Kenny Warner gained the plaudits by throwing himself full length to head the ball clear.

The scene shifted to Trinidad's area and Bynoe tried a real beauty but Gonsalves cleverly anticipated and saved brilliantly.

The 28th minute crept into the match and it was indeed an eventful one.

After a grand forward movement McLean cut in and centred beautifully to Charles, who smashed the ball right through the bets.

Barbados' defence was still at a loss when from the kick-off Bertie Thompson weaved his way past three men and passed to Charles almost on the goal-line for the centre-forward to score again.

Half-time found the score 2—0.

Barbados opened the second half with renewed vigour and almost their first raid met with success. Frankie Morris centred hard across and Ken Warner, in attempting to clear, kicked the ball into his own goal.

With the score 2—1 play was keen and going upfield, Charles smashed a hard shot, but Kind thre himself full length and stopped what looked like a certain goal.

In the Trinidad area, Bynoe and Jones missed, and the ball went to Smith who drove hard, but Gonsalves saved.

Then came Trinidad's two second half goals. From a wing movement Charles received, gave Burnett who banged in into the nets. And at the centre-off, Charles gave it to Thompson, who made it one of the grandest goals ever, by swerving his way past the defence and scoring.

Later on Thompson missed a "sitter" after a grand piece of combination between himself and Charles, hitting the inside of the post.

After this Trinidad had it all their own way, the five forwards playing brilliant combination, running around the defence and doing everything but scoring.

In the dying stages, Barbados missed, Robinson just heading over a centre from left winger "Sleepy" Smith and the game ended 4-1.

Following were the teams:

TRINIDAD: Gonsalves; Sampson, Warner; Jones, Knowles, Nicholson; McLean, Thompson, Charles, Burnett, Sealy.

BARBADOS: King; Walcott, Foster; Ishmael, Griffith, Medford; Morris, Williams, Bynoe, [Smith, Robinson].