Today's Games

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Trinidad Guardian

St. Mary's and Notre Dame will come to grips this afternoon in a T.A.F.A. first leaguer which will have grat bearing on the "first five."

St. Mary's have five points in five matches and Notre Dame four points in six matches.

Mr. Victor Richardson will referee the match, while Mr. E. Yates and Mr. L. Locke will be linesmen.


Two second league matches will be played today. They are:— Woodford v 'Guardian' on second class ground. Referee: A.V. Waddell.

Benbow v Indians on New ground. Referee: Mr. G. Johnson.

The team to represent New Woodford agains "Guardian" F.C. today will be:— G. Williams; C. Jones (capt.), C. Martin; D. Pierre, F. Alexander, A. Pinard; H. Benard, A. Barnes, N. Blake, L. Kidney, M. Sogren, Reserve: J. Brown.

The Youthful Sheffield will make a big bid to atone for the two recent set backs they suffered in the S.A.F.A. games when they oppose Commandos at Skinner Park this afternoon.

Last season Commandos gave Sheffield a hot time before the youths gained a 4—2 victory.

SHEFFIELD will play:— A. Adams; A. Hypolite, I. Montes; W. Stewart, J. Kennedy; C. Baptiste, L. Brewster, A. Kennedy, L. Baptiste, M. Orie and V. Benn.

Maple will play a practice match against Cosmos on their ground this afternoon.

MAPLE will play:— H. Sealy; J. Sampson, H. Emanuel; V. Rocke, G. Cumberbatch, C. Davis; H. James, P. Douglin, A. Joseph, A. Ganteaume and S. de Silva.