Shamrock Halt Sports' Victory March With 2-0 Win

Date Published: 
Trinidad Guardian

Shamrock kept in the T.A.F.A. first-five picture when they turned in a sterling performance and snapped Sporting Club's match-winning streak, beating sports 2-0 in their league encounter on a muddy and slushy Association ground yesterday afternoon.

They smashed home a goal in either half and held on to their lead against a frantic "Shy Sports" line-up, who were without Alvin Rodrigues, their ace B.G. player.

This was Sports' first defeat of the season in the six matches, but they still share the lead with Maple, who have 10 points in six encounters.

Shamrock played all over their opponents in the first half.

Tow goals down and the game fast coming to a close, Sporting Club stages many raids, but it was too late, and the opposing defence kept full control of their area against the Sports' attacking five.

In the initial stages, Lance Murray, at centre-half, started the Shamrock pressure on their opponents with accurate passes.

Both "Sackie" Govia and Ernie Murray worked hard, and indulged in a splendid combination, allowing Hamel-Smith to share in their passes.

Quesnel at right wing was booting good shots to goal, and a hard one driven low across the goal by the right winger, saw Kilgour, the "Shy Sports" custodian, just pushing it out in front of his citadel, and "Sackie" Govia was there to score.

Previous to this, a Lance Murray pass was converted by Wells and Kilgour completely beaten, but it was ruled off-side.

Sporting Club staged some daring raids, but few and far between, and the forwards had difficult times in getting past De Mattos and Jardine.

The Sports' forwards slipped up many "golden" chances, and De Mattos figured prominently in making Joffre Bart muff what appeared the "certain" equaliser just before half-time, as Scott, the custodian, was drawn from goal, and beaten.

Sporting Club were a goal down at lemon time, and at the resumption, were still apparently taking things easy, while the Shamrock outfit dominated play.

Their forwards with "Sackie" Govia at the help, gave "Shy Sports" their most uncomfortable moments of the match, but Kilgour rose to the occasion, and brought off some graceful saves, which earned him much applause.

Shamrock put the issue beyond doubt with a penalty, as Malcolm McLean made no mistake in pushing a low shot to the far corner of the nets.

With 15 minutes to go, the Sporting Club outfit carried C. Dore, who was playing brilliantly in the half-line, to the forward line, and began to fight back, giving Shamrock some anxious moments.

Shamrock, however, held on to their two-goal lead.

Mr. Eric Almandoz refereed.

The teams:

SHAMROCK: G. Scott; E. Jardine, G. De Mattos; G. Montes de Oca, L. Murray, M. McLean, M. Quesnel, E. Murray, S. Hamel-Smith, S. Govia and M. Wells.

SPORTING CLUB: N. Kilgour; R. Tench, S. Dopson; R. Blackman, H. Day, C. Dore; J. Bart, H. Moore, J. Alkins, R. Seon and A. Alkins.