Coming Visit Of Trinidad Football Team To This Island

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Meetings Of The Finance Committee To Discuss Arrangements Are Held.

Two meetings of the finance committee of the Jamaica Football Association were held at "San Remo," the residence of Mr. G. M. DaCosta, on Monday, October 8, and Monday, November 11, to discuss arrangements in connection with the visit of the Trinidad football team here next year.

The President, Mr. G. M. DaCosta, was in the chair, and those present were Messrs. W. J. Palmer, R. W. Campbell, Fr. Leo Butler, S.J.; Messrs. Guy Campbell and Leslie Mordecal at the first meeting. At the second meeting the above named gentlemen were again present besides Messrs. H. N. Walker and V. R. Parkinson.

According to proposals seven matches will be played during the tour. Details of the matches are now under consideration, and the final programme will be published at an early date, also particulars giving personal details and international game records of the visiting team, when they are to hand from Trinidad.

It is understood that the financial preparations for this trip will be far ahead of anything attempted by the J.F.A.. All sportsmen are, therefore, asked to show their appreciation of this effort on the part of the Association, with the idea also of fostering a closer relationship with the sister colony, by attending the games regularly and making it their duty to take season tickets. Failing this there will no doubt be entailed a heavy loss on the tour.

Prices of admission were arrived at, similar to those of the preceding tours; details of which will be published later and which will be obtained at the office of Mr. Leslie R. Mordecal, 158 Harbour Street.

Another meeting will be held on Monday night the 18th inst., when it is believed that final arrangements for the tour will be dealt with.